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Pearland TX bondsman

A Pearland TX bondsman is extremely helpful when you or a loved one are stuck in custody. They know the justice system and can help make your bail easier to afford. However, do you know all there is to know about bail bonds? Most people don’t.

While bail bonds are helpful in getting defendants out of a bind and back home safe, there are some fun facts about bail bonds. Some of these facts you may know, but for anyone who is new to the justice system, they could be very insightful.

Since these facts will help anyone who is new to the justice system, they might even be helpful to those who are pretty well acquainted. Here are nine facts about bail bonds that will help you better help you and your loved one.

There Are Different Types of Bail Bonds

Before you pay the bail, you need to decide which type of bond you want. There are cash bonds, surety bonds, attorney bonds, and PR bonds.  When deciding to go with a surety bond, that means you are looking to hire a bail bondsman or also known as a bail bonds agent.

A surety bond is a loan. You pay a down payment and put up collateral to the bondsman. The collateral is so if you or a loved one miss a court date, then the bondsman doesn’t have to pay the rest of the bail bond out of pocket.

While the collateral will be returned to you when your case is closed, the down payment will stay with the bondsman as profit. The down payment is typically 10% of the total amount of the bail bond.

Bail Bonds Have To Be Reasonable

Because of the 8th amendment, bail bonds have to be reasonable. They can’t be excessive and are expected to fit the crime. Bail bonds also can’t be used to inflict cruel or unusual punishment.

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Bail Bonds Aren’t Available In Every State

Looking for bail bonds in Pearland tx? Good. Pearland TX bondsman is available in Texas and the Brazoria county. Some states have banned the use of surety bonds and commercial bail bondsmen. These states include Oregon, Kentucky, Maine, Wisconson, Illinois, Nebraska, and a couple of others.

Also, the Philipines and the United States are the only places that have a commercial bail bonds system.

Not Every Crime Gets a Bail Bond

Misdemeanors and other small crimes often go without a bail bond. Instead, the defendant is released with a verbal promise to appear for their appointed court date.

Bounty Hunters

Fleeing or missing court dates could result in having a bounty hunter sent after you. They can cross state lines, and unlike police, break into a home without a warrant to get the defendant.

If the defendant is brought in by a bounty hunter, the bounty hunter will receive 10-20% of the bail.

Paying Your Own Bail Isn’t The Best

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Bail Bonds can be expensive. This is why there is a Pearland TX bondsman available for hire. If you pay the amount on your own, the court will hold the amount of money until the case is closed. This could be months even years, depending on the severity of the case.

Hiring a bail bond company is the best way to go. Instead of asking for the cash upfront, they will require 10% down and then collateral such as a car or jewelry, to make up the rest. However, if you appear to every one of your court dates, then the collateral will be returned to you after the case has been concluded.

It’s Not Just About The Court Dates

While the defendant does need to go to every one of their appointed court dates, there can be other conditions. Some of these conditions can include refraining from drug or alcohol use, continuing employment, or signing up for AA meetings.

Just like the court dates, if these conditions are not met, then any collateral or paid bail is forfeit.

What Counts As Collateral?

Collateral can be anything from a house or land deed to jewelry or car. Any valuable possession that has a value can cover the cost of the bail bond.

For a Pearland TX bondsman, the option of collateral is available. You might even have the opportunity to pay for the bail bond with the court using collateral. Often, if the court allows collateral, it will need to have more than double the value of the bail amount.

Although this can be a great alternative if you or your loved one does not fulfill all the bail requirements, then that house you put up as collateral will be foreclosed.

Finding A Pearland TX bondsman

Some of the best places to search for a bondsman would be to talk to your lawyer or detention officers. These professionals often work with bail bondsmen a lot and would know about the best ones in your area.

You also can do your own research by looking up reviews about the bail bondsmen you are considering. While everyone can have a couple of bad reviews, bondsmen with a majority of good reviews are usually the best way to go.

Their fees can also be a give away on how experienced the bail bonds agent is. Most agents charge 10% of the total bail amount. Those with lower fees could either be less experienced or less reputable.


It is stressful to have a loved one in jail. But it is great to know you don’t have to break the bank to help them. There are options available, and people there to support you that know a lot about the justice system. Finding a trusted bail bonds agent is the first step to getting them out of trouble and back home safe. Call us to find out why we’re one of the leading results for Pearland TX Bondsman Near Me.

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You do not have to do this alone. We are here to help. Come meet a Pearland TX bondsman today.

Fun Facts About Pearland

  • Pearland is in 3 different counties, Harris, Brazoria and Fort Bend
  • Pearland is TX’s 2nd fastest-growing city
  • The city was established in the late 1800s
  • Pearland is 16 miles away from Houston
  • For more fun facts, visit their website.