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Houston Texas bail bonds

There are many Houston Texas bail bonds companies in town. How do you know if you need help from one?

There are some crimes that are allowed bail and others that aren’t. Whether or not a defendant gets bail depends on a variety of factors. Some of these factors include the severity of the crime, the defendant’s financial situation, and their criminal history.

Those who have little or no criminal history or are charged for a minor crime will have a lower bail amount. Often, people with no criminal history and a misdemeanor charge are given an OR/PR and released without any bail bond.

Although these rough estimates are helpful, contacting your lawyer or bail bondsman will give you a more elaborate understanding of your case.

Traffic Violations and Misdemeanors

Often these violations are less than $5000 and can be as little as $25. Traffic crimes and misdemeanors can be anything from a speeding ticket to public drunkenness. However, DWI’s could have the potential of exceeding the $5000 mark.

For some, these bail bonds might be easy to pay out of pocket. Also, the money will be returned after the case is closed. Even so, Houston Texas bail bonds agents are there to help get your loved one out of jail and back home where you know they are safe.

Felony Crimes

These types of crimes include drug violations, assault, property crimes, fraud, disorderly conduct, and many more. Although you have probably heard of these crimes before, most people do not know that they are actually felonies.

Felony crimes can have a bail bond ranging from $1,500 to $50,000. However, if the felony is caused under aggravated circumstances, then the cost of the bail could be in the hundreds of thousands.

These types of crimes often have bail that is difficult to pay out of pocket. This is why there are bail bond services available. So, if anyone finds themselves in this kind of trouble, then they will have a way to return home instead of spending the night in jail.


Bail Schedule

The bail schedules are often used for common crimes. Often, some of these crimes include possession of marijuana, which can reach $10,000.

Another is DUI, which can be about $100,000. Or felony hate crimes, which are around 25,000.

Crimes not specified by the bail schedule but carry a life sentence can be a million dollars or more.

The higher the bail, the harder it is to pay it out of pocket to get you or your loved one back home. Lucky for Texas, commercial bail bondsmen are allowed. When you or a friend or family member end up in police custody, it is essential to know a skilled Houston Texas bail bonds agent.

Having The Right To Bail

The right to bail is protected by the US Constitution’s 8th amendment. This amendment keeps bail from being too excessive and from imposing cruel or unusual punishment. Overall, bail is not meant to punish the defendant. It is designed to ensure that the defendant will return to their appointed court dates to finish their case.

If the judge has reason to believe someone will flee from the court and skip town, then the bail will be higher. However, those who do not have a history of missing court dates or are new to the justice system might be able to leave without a bail bond. This would mean that they get to leave on their “own recognizance.”

Being Denied Bail

The right to bail can be disputed with a “public safety exception.” As a result, prosecutors will argue that bail should be denied if the defendant poses a threat to public safety.

Whenever a person is denied bail because of their risk to public safety, it is called “protective detention.”

Federal Court

The Bail Reform Act of 1984 determines if a judge can deny bail to a defendant based on the defendant’s dangerousness. The crimes that are fit to be denied bail include violent crimes, the maximum penalty, or crimes that involve minor victims.

These crimes make the defendant eligible to be denied bail. For the judge to actually deny the defendant bail, they have to have convincing evidence that there are no conditions for release.

When a judge receives clear and convincing evidence for a case, they then have to determine:

  • the dangerousness of the defendant
  • the circumstances of the charges
  • criminal history
  • the overall character of the defendant

Personal characteristics that will be considered will be the defendant’s family relations, mental health, and history of substance abuse.

Therefore, if a judge does decide to deny bail, they will have to put the reasons in a written order. After that, the defendant can go to a higher court to appeal the decision.

State Courts

Some states do not allow bail at all. These states include Kentucky, Maine, Oregon, Wisconson, and Illinois. For the states that do allow bail, they each have unique rules and guidelines to follow. In most of these states, the judge can deny bail if there is strong evidence of a capital offense.

A capital offense is a crime in which the death penalty is possible. However, some states allow protective detention for non-capital crimes. In California, a judge can deny bail for a defendant if they are charged with a felony, including violence or sexual assault, or a high probability of the defendant causing someone harm.

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