What is the Booking Process in Harris County?

Before you can obtain a bail bond, you need to be free from the legal system; you must face an extensive yet easy booking process. Harris County works just like any other legal system for other counties. Once you’re arrested, the police will take you into custody for processing, which can take a tremendous amount of time.

What is the Booking Process in Harris County?

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The Booking Procedures 

During this time, you must be truthful and honest with the police. After being read your Miranda rights, you’ll know that anything you say will be healed against you–this includes lies. Your personal information will be written down during your arrest processing stage so the law can begin looking into a background check for you. This background check can range from any criminal history you may have for the police to use against you. 

Your mug shot will also be taken, which will be used to document who you are in relation to the incident. Next, your clothing and personal objects may be taken away from you. You may be allowed to keep your clothes on, but you may be given a jail system uniform in some situations. Personal belongings are given to the police not only for your safety but also for those around you. 

Next, you will undergo fingerprinting. This is an extensive part of your identity, so the police will make sure they coat your fingers well to ensure the fingerprint is up to standards. Depending on the situation, these fingerprints could be used to determine the answers to a severe crime or be used to keep on record for you for the legal system’s future needs. 

Full Body and Warrants Search

Once you have given your personal objects away, you will be given an extensive search over your entire body to ensure you are not hiding anything. This is to protect those who are inside the holding cell with you. No matter what the situation is with the arrest, these searches are almost always conducted even if you did something minor. Once you have been given a full-body search, you will be placed in the holding cell to wait for the next procedure step. 

Police will begin using their database to check for any previous warrants you may have against you. This also helps police figure out if you are linked to any other previous crimes they have yet to figure out. 

Health Screenings and Incarcerations 

While you wait for your release in a holding cell, you may be given a health screening. This process is to ensure you do not need any medical attention while in the legal system’s responsibility. They may give you a blood test or even x-rays. This is to be sure you not in any health danger. 

Lastly, you will be put in a holding cell to await trial or be able to post bail. Once you have your bail set, calling ASAP Bail Bonds is your next step. 

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