What is the Booking Process in Fort Bend County Like?

When a defendant is arrested, they are taken to jail and booked after arrival. When someone is booked, their information is recorded and used to create an official arrest record.

What is the Booking Process in Fort Bend County Like?Even if the defendant has the means to post bail immediately, they usually can’t be released until after the booking process is completed. The booking process may take an hour to half a day. It depends on how many steps of the typical booking process are completed, how many people are being booked simultaneously, and how many officers are available to do the booking.

Steps in Fort Bend Booking Process

Below are the steps you might experience if you are booked in Fort Bend County.

1. Recording the name of the suspect and their accused crime.

Although this was done using pen and paper in the past, nowadays this process is usually completely computerized.

2. Taking a mug shot.

A mug shot will help identify the suspect in case multiple people in the system share the same name. It can also assist in establishing a suspect’s physical condition during the time of the arrest.

3. Turn over clothing and personal possessions.

The suspect might be required to relinquish their clothing and personal property. They will be provided with a jail uniform to change into. Their possessions will be returned once the suspect is released unless it is contraband (i.g. drugs or a potential weapon such as a pocket knife) or crime evidence.

4. Recording fingerprints.

You probably know that fingerprints are a classic tool for identifying people at a crime scene. The suspect’s fingerprints are recorded and uploaded into a nationwide database so that police across the country can compare them to crime scene prints.

5. Full-body search

Although the police officers may have patted you down at the time of arrest, they will complete a more comprehensive and intrusive strip search as part of the booking process. This is to prevent weapons and drugs from entering the jail.

6. Warrant investigation

The booking officer will conduct a check to see if the suspect has any other pending charges, such as unpaid parking tickets or an arrest warrant from another state.

7. Health Screening

The suspect might be examined using X-rays or blood tests in order to detect diseases like tuberculosis or STDs. This is done to protect the health of the jail officers and other prisoners.

8. Background interview

Jail officials sometimes ask arrestees about current/former gang affiliations and other outside relationships.

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What is the Booking Process in Fort Bend County Like?

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