What is House Arrest and Home confinement in Harris County

What is House Arrest and Home confinement in Harris County?

If you were arrested and have been put on house arrest or home confinement, you might want more information about the situation you are in. Depending on what you were charged for and why you were placed under house arrest or home confinement, the terms might differ. But these are the basic explanation of what you are under.  

House Arrest/House Confinement

Rather than being in jail or solitary confinement, being on house arrest allows you to be in the comfort of your home. This is seen as a better alternative because it will enable offenders to still go to work, keep their relationships with their family and friends, attend rehabilitation appointments and treatments, and do what they need to do to get better. 

Most people on house arrest are required to wear ankle bracelets. This allows for the county and their probation officer to keep track of all their movements. There needs to be a certain radius maintained. If this radius is passed, then there will be consequences. If a person tries to remove the device, the police and the person’s probation officer will be alerted. 

It is vital that during this time that the offender follows all the rules given. The result of not following the rules is being put in jail. 

Who can request House Arrest and how? 

People eligible for house arrests are non-violent offenders and sometimes juvenile offenders. An offender cannot have a history or a long previous history of offenses. If you are a juvenile offender, then you have to be under the supervision of your parents.  

In addition to these, if you have a steady job and are not a threat to others, you can be considered for house arrest. Talk to your lawyer to see if you should request house arrest/home confinement. 

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