What Does it Mean when a Person has a Bond Forfeitures in Harris County?

Bond forfeiture is the result of violating a bond agreement, failing to appear at your court trial, or committing another crime while on bail. When you forfeit your bond, this means you will face another arrest, although with the renewal of criminal charges for your original crime. Additionally, if you have failed to show up to your court trial, you will face an FTA or Failure to Appear charge.

Bond Forfeitures in Harris County

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Common Questions about Bond Forfeiture:

What is bond forfeiture?

When you violate the condition of your parole, you forfeit the right to remain out of jail on bond. This means that the money you paid for your bond is also subject to forfeiture.

When does it happen?

A bond forfeiture happens when you violate the conditions of your parole. When you are released from prison on bond, the judge will require you to sign a bond agreement. This means you have specific guidelines and rules you must follow while on bond.

When you violate the judge’s rulings or your bond agreement, it will usually result in a bond forfeiture. Essentially, you have given up your right to remain out of jail while awaiting your trial.

What does it mean for you?

Failing to show up at your court trial, the consequences will have a negative result on your future. Typically, the courts will take into consideration whether your absence was willful or not. If you had a good reason for missing your court trial, it will be part of your defense.

However, if it appears that you willfully failed to show up, you will face FTA charges in addition to the criminal charges which were the reason for your arrest in the first place. In order to protect your future, it best that you take every measure to make sure you are at your court hearing. This ensures you will not face bond forfeiture and shows the courts good behavior on your part.

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Bond Forfeitures in Harris County

Bond Forfeitures in Harris County

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