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What are the Guidelines for a Non-Arrest Bond in Harris County?

Facing arrest and criminal charges is nerve-wracking the first time around. When you find yourself in this position again, there are steps you can take to ensure you do not have to return to jail. A non-arrest bond might be the answer you are looking for.

Non-Arrest Bond in Harris County

Non-Arrest Bond in Harris County

What is a Non-Arrest Bond?

A non-arrest bond is one that is received when a warrant has been issued for your arrest. There are many reasons this could happen. For instance, if you miss your court date, the court system will likely issue a warrant for your arrest. Failing to show up to court is a criminal charge that can lead to additional jail time.

If you fail to show up to court for good reason, like an accident, hospitalization, and so forth, you could use your reasoning as part of your defense. In the meantime, you can go to your bond agent and request a non-arrest bond. Receiving this bond ensures you will not face jail time or processing. Basically, you are turning yourself in with a guarantee that you won’t be arrested.

What Should You Do to Avoid Another Arrest?

Simply follow the judge’s rulings and show up to your court date. When a judge allows you to be released on bond, they have guidelines and expectations that you must follow in order to maintain that bond. For example, if a judge orders that you submit to drug testing on a regular or random basis while out on bail, you must do so.

Failing to follow a judge’s ruling will inevitably end in bond forfeiture and a warrant for your arrest. Forfeiting your bond means you lose any money that you invested in it. So, if you paid for a cash bond, that money is forfeited to the court when you fail to appear for your trial. The best way to prevent this is to follow the judge’s rulings and show up for your court hearing.

Non-Arrest Bond in Harris County

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