West University TX Cash Bail

If you are granted a West University, TX cash bail, ASAP Bail Bonds can help you today! We are a first-rate bail bonds agency that knows how to get anyone in your situation out of jail quickly! Our super agents work together in unison to file your paperwork and overcome any obstacles that would tie up inferior companies.

We are well versed in every single type of bail bond agreement under the sun. If there is a bail bond we don’t know about, it must have just been invented! Our office has experts everywhere you look, and this ensures that no matter who you talk to, you’ll be in good hands.

Other agencies have customer service “professionals” answering their phones. However, our bondsmen and women are standing by and are ready to start the process whenever you reach out to us. We understand how hard it is it be in your shoes because we have either been in jail or had family members incarcerated.

This shared experience is what separates our amazing bail bonds agency from the rest of the pack. We will never judge you for any crime you are accused of, and the severity of your charges means nothing to us. Unless you are a rapist, murderer, or another type of psychopathic miscreant, we look forward to getting you out of jail.

We believe that no one should spend more time behind bars than they absolutely have to. When you do sit in jail, you are spending valuable time away from the people you love and putting your job at risk. Therefore, give our Houston office a call and avoid unnecessary jail time today!

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West University, TX cash bail

We are the West University, TX cash bail experts.

Once you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you are going to find that there is quite a process ahead of you. The first step in this process is getting out of jail while your case is being processed. Most jurisdictions allow for pretrial release. This can take the form of extremely low cash bail or alternative forms of pretrial release.

  • What Exactly Is A Cash Bail? – Cash bail is a system used in the United States. In it, a person awaiting trial can get released from custody, prior to their trial, by paying their cash bail amount. The purpose of bail is to ensure that the defendant appears in court when required.
  • Cash Bail Is Very Common – Cash bail is a very common method of bail. In fact, most of our clients call us for this type of assistance and we’ve become experts in this type of bail bond agreement over the years. Our cash bail experts will walk you through the process when you call and get all your information from you.
  • How Much You’ll Pay – The amount of bail is determined by the nature of the offense and the risk that the defendant may not appear in court. Bail bonds are a legal document that is used to ensure that a person who has been arrested will appear in court. The document pledges money to the court in order to secure the release of the person who has been arrested.

ASAP Bail Bonds can help you get the bail bonds you need as quickly as possible. We understand that you are under a lot of stress, and we want to help alleviate the pressure you’re under. If you are looking for an agency to cover your West University, TX cash bail, look no further! No matter where you are in the Houston area, we will rush to you and help you get back to your life!

Personal Bail Bonds Might Be A Better Alternative

West University, TX cash bail

We serve virtually the entire Houston community!

Perhaps the fastest way to bond out of jail is by using our PR bail bonds. A personal bail bond is a bail bond that is posted by an individual, as opposed to a bail bond company. This type of bail bond is typically given to people that meet certain requirements.

No criminal history and having no flight risk associated with an individual are just a few requirements. If you do meet these conditions, you can be out in a matter of hours! However, these types of bail bonds come with strict rules and decrees set forth by the court. Give us a call if you need a PR bail bond, and we will help you walk the straight and narrow path all the way to your court date!

Federal Bail Bonds & More

West University, TX cash bail

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If a personal or cash bail bond doesn’t fit your situation, maybe our federal bail bonds will. A federal bail bond is a type of surety bond that is posted in order to secure the release of a defendant who has been charged with a federal crime. The bond is posted by a bail bond company on behalf of the defendant and is typically 10% of the total bail amount. Unlike our other services, a federal bail bond is only available for federal crimes.

Be careful what bail bond agency takes up your federal bail bond. This is because if a company doesn’t have agents on their staff that are well versed in this type of assistance, they could mess up your paperwork. This type of blunder could cause you to sit even longer in jail, so don’t risk it! Give our office a call, and you’ll be out of federal custody in no time!

We also offer transfer and surety bail bond services. Give us a call to learn more about these types of bail bonds. They are both for people in different situations, and when you call, we’ll help you figure out if they are right for you.

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No matter what time you give us a call, it is always the right time. Our 24/7 dispatch ensures you’ll be able to be released whether you are booked at 1 pm or 1 am. Don’t waste time getting in touch with us! We want to cover your West University, TX cash bail quickly so you can return to your family today!

West University, TX Fun Facts:

  • West University is located only a few miles away from downtown Houston.
  • The close proximity to Rice University led to West University’s name.
  • In 1923, approximately 40 families lived in the newly established town of West University.