West University TX Affordable Bail Bonds

If you or your loved one is arrested and needs to post bail, ASAP Bail Bonds in West University TX affordable bail bonds can help you get you and your family member out of jail. After all, we are one of the best bail bonds in the Greater Houston area.

ASAP in Houston, Texas West University, we work promptly to release you or your important person out of jail and get them back home to you. One of the best bail bond agencies; Coming to us will be like coming to extended family or your friends searching for a helping hand. Available day or night for your bail bond needs.

In fact, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and the best bail bondsmen in the area. One of the leading bail bonds companies in Houston and surrounding areas, we are here for you without a question or a doubt.

With quick paperwork and processing, our company honors itself with our professional services. Surely, there’s no need to stress about you or your person’s release when you come to us for help. Available to our customers no matter the time of day, give us a call to protect you or your person through the bailing process.

West University TX affordable bail bonds

West University TX affordable bail bonds.

How does it work?

Posting bail sounds difficult, right? Well, not here at ASAP Bail Bonds West University TX  it’s not at all. We will help you through every step of the way, making sure that this process is quick and painless as possible.

Once you or your person has been booked and processed, a bond will be set by the court, along with their next court appearance. Your person will be in contact with us or their person to get the process started.

By the way, don’t be intimidated by the amount. Just give us a call at ASAP Bail Bond in West University Houston, TX and we will start the paperwork for you.

With a cosigner and 10 – 15% of the bond plus fees, one of our bail bondsmen will begin the proper steps with the county to release your person. Our job is to make sure that that bond gets properly paid and handled. With our accessible payment plans, that is entirely possible.

Once the paperwork has been processed and initial payment has been made, one of our bondsmen will be in contact with the courts for release.

Depending on the county or crime, the time frame of release may take a few hours or a few days. Your bond is to reinsure that your person will show for their court dates in a timely matter.

If they do not show for their following court date, the bond will be forfeited. In a word, we don’t want that to happen! Here at ASAP in West University TX affordable bail bonds we want to ensure that you or your person don’t end up back in jail.

Types of Services Provided

Not entirely sure what kind of bond you should be posting? Well, there are many types of bonds available, depending on the level of offense or crime committed. Listed below are the services that we offer here through ASAP Bail Bond in West University TX affordable bail bonds.

Cash bail bonds

First, Cash bonds are the most common and easiest to handle when it comes to bailing out you or a loved one. With cash bonds, the processing moves a bit faster and with cash bonds, we can get you or your loved one out of jail swiftly.

As a matter of fact, if you or your person cannot post bail, your person will sit in jail until their next court date. It could be the next day or months, depending on the offense or crime. With cash bonds, we can get your person out of jail and home to deal with their legal woes.

Surety bail bonds

Second, these are a little more complicated than the others. Surety bonds are set in place to guarantee a plan that is set in motion is fulfilled. Pertaining a three-party system, the surety has to pay the amount, or hold up their end of the bargain, to the principle and the obligee, who creates the contract for the surety. Sounds complicated? It’s not a problem. We will guide you through the entire process.

West University TX affordable bail bonds

Cash bonds are a quick and easy way to get you and your loved one out of jail!

Personal bail bonds

Next, personal bonds are granted by the court, are for those who have a small chance of a flight risk. Additionally, agreeing to sign a personal bond means you are liable for following the rules and conditions of the contract to keep you and your person from suffering the consequences.

Transfer bail bonds

By the way, for those who have been arrested outside the state of Texas, a transfer bond is designed for you. No matter where in the States you are, we will work around the clock to get you back.

Although the process may take a little longer, our success rate is still high. As a matter of fact, only bail bonds residing in your home state are responsible for your bail.

Uniquely, our service is so excellent that we will come to you. No matter where you are, we will ensure your release from jail.

Federal bail bonds

Lastly, Federal bonds are a little more difficult to handle. A federal judge will appoint these. If mishandled, your person can face federal jail time.

Once bail is set, your person has to attend another court date. They will have to prove that bail can be paid for properly. Not taken care of due to prior criminal activity. It’s best to have a bonding agency that takes care of this for you.

By the way, federal bonds are more serious than personal or cash bonds.

West University TX affordable bail bonds

West University TX affordable bail bonds

Bail your loved ones out by the best in Houston, TX!

By the way, do not feel overwhelmed by the process. In fact, we and our bondsmen are here to educate you. Again, we are one of the best in the Greater Houston, TX area. Open 24/7, 365, let us be the ones you call when you are trying to get out of jail. Visit one of our locations today! ASAP Bail Bond in West University TX affordable bail bonds we have your back.

Fun Facts about West University!

  • In 1999, Inside Houston Magazine named West University Place the Hottest Neighborhood in their annual Reader’s Choice Awards.
  • The Houston Business Journal ranked West University Place #1 in a study of quality of life in the southern United States. The rankings encompass 1,146 cities, towns, villages and other municipalities in 13 southern states.
  • In 2011, West University Place received multiple accolades from rating entities: CNNMoney named West University Place as the #12 Top Earning Town in America.
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