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Learning About Bail Bonds and the Process

When it comes to paying bail to be released from jail, it can get really deep depending on the situation, jurisdiction, and several other factors.

The general idea is that if an officer takes someone into custody, someone else can pay money to release their friend or family member. While that is the main idea behind bail, there are many more steps in the process.

If you have never been through this process before, it can be a bit overwhelming. Do not stress, when you hire an agency like ASAP Bail Bonds, we guarantee we will provide you with the information needed to get you out of jail fast. Read further to learn more.


When law enforcement arrests individuals, an officer will physically take them into custody. Suspects who are under arrest usually are taken by officers into custody, transported in a police vehicle, and then taken to jail or a criminal processing center for “booking.”

In some cases, officers can release arrestees without filing charges. However, if charges are filed, the arrestee will remain in custody until bail has been granted, the court makes a decision, or until the end of the case.

The Administrative Process or Booking

Booking is the administrative process that occurs immediately after the arrest of the defendant. During this step of the process, law enforcement will carry out a series of tasks. These tasks involve the following:

  • Taking the defendant’s photo
  • Recording personal information (name, date of birth, age)
  • Taking fingerprints
  • Confiscating belongings and storing them in a storage facility
  • Searching for any warrants
  • Administering a health evaluation

After this process is complete, the defendant will be placed in a holding area.

Following the Arrest, Pretrial Release

After the police have arrested and booked someone, one of three things is likely to happen. First, law enforcement can release the defendant with a written statement that promises they will reappear in court.

Secondly, the police can release the defendant only after they pay the bail amount. Lastly, the police can keep the arrestee in custody until the court hearing.

Depending on the state and jurisdiction is what determines which one of those will apply to your case. Low-level crimes like public intoxication will result in the defendant’s release with a written notice.

While more severe offenses like aggravated robbery will result in the defendant remaining in custody until a bail hearing.

Bail Procedures and Policies

After a judge sets the bail amount, the defendant must pay the amount in full before the legal system releases them. Normally, courts will enforce other limits or requirements on the defendant when determining bail.

These requirements are similar to those of probation or parole. Therefore, violating bail conditions is a serious issue that can land you back in jail or your bail forfeited.

Below you will find some typical conditions of bail:

  • Pretrial Appointments are much like reporting to a parole or probation officer. People on bail have to also report to an officer who takes care of the pretrial process. The pretrial officers ensure that the defendant is abiding by the conditions given by the court.
  • No-contact orders are for defendants who are accused of domestic violence, stalking, making criminal threats, or other similar offenses. In this case, the court requires that the defendant makes no contact with the alleged victim.
  • Courts also have the right to require you to maintain a job. Therefore, if you were unemployed during the time of your arrest, you will be required to find a job.
  • Additionally, defendants on bail are usually may not leave the city. However, if the court or pretrial officer allows it then it’s fine.


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In many cases, a person can make bail even after a court convicts them. Usually, once the court issues a jail or prison sentence, the defendant must begin serving their time immediately.

For example, if a court sentences someone to five years of prison, the Bailiff will begin to take them into custody right after.

However, courts can allow the release of defendants on a bail following a conviction if they file an appeal.

Therefore, if the court sentences a defendant for x amount of years, and the defendant files their appeal the court may grant the defendant bail. They will then remain out of custody until the appeal has been heard by an appellate court.

Furthermore, these decisions depend on state laws. Therefore, all states do not allow you to make an appeal.

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Tomball, TX Fun Facts

  • The area began to prosper around 1906 when it became a railroad town.
  • State Senator Thomas Henry Ball established the city as a railroads center, and in 1907, the community was named “Tomball” in his honor.
  • Humble Oil and Gas gave the inhabitants of the city free natural gas for fifty years in exchange for the exclusive rights to drill in the city.
  • For more information, search Tomball, TX.