Tomball TX Bail Bond Company

Are you looking for a Tomball TX Bail Bond Company? Then you need ASAP Bail Bonds to help you when your freedom is in jeopardy. We will offer you the chance to receive bail and go home to your family because no one deserves to sit in jail and wait for their court date when they can begin getting their life back together. All you have to do is give ASAP a call, and we will cover the rest for you.

Here at ASAP Bail Bonds, we see all of our clients as members of our extended family, and we do not want to see our family behind bars. That is why we will fight for you and not against you when you decide to use our services. Because we modern methods and strategies when we have to fight for our freedom and understand the law from the inside and out. Do not settle for just any bail bonds company; trust ASAP.

Please continue reading to learn how ASAP is your Tomball TX Bail Bond Company when you need it. We are open 24 hours a day for your convenience, and we are ready to get you the bail bond you need for your freedom!

Tomball TX Bail Bond Company

ASAP Bail Bonds will provide legal help and support whenever you find yourself in trouble.

Cash Bonds

Most bail bonds are straightforward to understand when you need one—especially cash bonds, which can be paid upfront. Nowadays, we all carry money in some form of payment, whether it is cash, credit, or debit. No matter what, you have funds for what you need. However, when you get arrested and slapped with a cash bond that exceeds the money you have on you, call ASAP immediately. We will cover the bail bond, so you do not have to worry.

The first 24 hours after your arrest are the most crucial. Without a bail bond during this time, you can spend anywhere from 30 days to six months in jail. Do not settle for the wait when you can be at home waiting for your court date because no one deserves to sit in jail when you can have your ASAP bondsman save you and support you with the bail bond you need.

Surety Bonds

While cash bonds are straightforward to understanding, surety bonds need more explanation of how they work for you. This type of bail bond works as an obligation that must be fulfilled for the bail bond to become real. When using a third party for help, you must respect the three entities’ power: principal, obligee, and surety. These three work together to get the bail bond to operate.

The principal begins the process by obtaining the bail bond. Then it must complete the obligation for the obligee. However, if the principal fails to do so and the obligee’s obligation is not fulfilled, then the surety steps in. The surety will protect the obligee even if it means risking the principal. These are the steps that must be taken for the surety bond to become real.

Additionally, we want you to know that there are two different types of surety bonds: Repelvin and Injunction. Replevin works to handle the property in question. At the same time, the Injunction restains the party from taking action.

Tomball TX Bail Bond Company

An ASAP bail bondsman can help you understand how judges set bail.

Personal Bonds

The best type of bond is the personal bond, as it works for you to get you out of jail faster. You will agree with the court to behave and work toward a better future for yourself and, in return, not have to pay bail or spend any time in jail. However, please keep in mind that this type of bail bond is for those with little to no criminal record. As well as minimal flight risk so you do not jeopardize the court.

When you agree to a personal bond, you will sign a contract that will mean you will do everything the court asks of you to do. This might mean attending every court hearing or going to rehab and giving up drinking. Whether it be in your favor or not, the outcome is of more significant benefits. Because once you agree to everything the court asks of you, you are free to go.

Transfer Bonds

If you find yourself getting arrested outside of the state of Texas, give ASAP a call immediately. You will need a transfer bond, and no one will travel to you faster than an ASAP bondsman. We will locate you and come rushing to your side and get you out of jail. Please keep in mind, due to the milage, this bond process is extensive and expensive but worth it when your freedom is on the line.

The choice is yours on who you want to bail you out of jail. Please do not settle for an out-of-state bondsman company because they do not have to protect you financially. However, an ASAP bondsman will and help you return home to Texas. Give us a call today to explain to you how a transfer bond works if you have any more questions or concerns about it!

Tomball TX Bail Bond Company

When you need Tomball TX Bail Bond Company, give ASAP the job to get you out of jail! We know the law from the inside and out, and we will go to any lengths necessary to help you and get you back on your feet. Please do not wait another minute in jail; give us a call today to see how we can help you. Or visit our website to read into our locations and services because ASAP Bail Bonds is your Tomball TX Bail Bond Company when you need it!

Tomball Fun Facts: 

  • Tomball was awarded the “Superior Public Drinking Water System” from the TCEQ.
  • The city has a 97% Excellent rating of the Utilities Gas System.
  • Tomball is one of the top three cities in Texas for our gas system.
  • For more information about Tomball, Tx, visit the city’s website!
Tomball TX Bail Bond Company

Tomball TX Bail Bond Company

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