Tom Selleck New District Attorney for Brazoria County

Governor Greg Abbot has appointed Tom Selleck as the new District Attorney of Brazoria County. This was effective October 1, 2020, and is set to expire on December 31, 2022, or until his successor is elected and

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Tom Selleck

Selleck is an attorney and owner of the Law Office of Tom Selleck in Angleton, TX. He is also a member of the State Bar of Texas, Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, The Federalist Society, and the Brazoria County Bar Association.

Additionally, Selleck is the chairman of the Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps Board of Directors and many other prestigious local organizations. He received his Bachelor of Science in Criminology from Florida State University and has a Juris Doctor degree from South Texas College of Law.

Bail Schedules

These are typically lists of the bail amount that applies to individual crimes in any jurisdiction. For instance, a state’s bail schedule may set bail for the crime of disorderly conduct at $1,000 or a set $5,000 bond for burglary or robbery.

States laws decipher not only what bail amounts are appropriate for each crime. They also decide whether police can release a defendant without requiring bail.

Additionally, they determine whether or not defendants are can post a bond following the booking or if they must wait for a bail hearing. States also grant judges the jurisdiction over increasing or decreasing bail when the court deems it appropriate.

Bail Conditions

Not only do courts determine a bail amount that defendant must pay to be released. They also impose additional limitations or restrictions on offenders when determining bail. These particular restrictions are similar to those placed upon probationers. Violating terms can result in being taken into custody and your bail being surrendered.

Sentence Bail

In many cases, a bond is a possible option even after a person has been convicted. Usually, once a court issues a jail or prison sentence, the defendant must begin serving their sentence immediately.

For instance, if a judge sentences someone to five years in prison, the court officer or bailiff will take the accused into custody and transfer them to a detention center where they will begin serving their sentence.

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