The Rise In Murder Rates In Texas

The rise in murder rates in Texas has increased as well as the violent crime rates. Law enforcement officers in Houston have arrested many alleged criminals in Harris County and many other counties in Texas.

The rise in murder rates in Texas

The rise in crime and homicide rate increases in low-income neighborhoods in Texas. However, high-income neighborhoods in Texas are not safe from illegal and homicide crimes. Homicides increase in wealthy and impoverished Texas neighborhoods due to easy access to guns in the state of Texas.

As a result of fewer gun restrictions, mass shootings, gun violence, crimes by gun, and homicide, crime rates have spiked in the lone star state of Texas.

In addition, the lack of job opportunities and resources forces Texans to commit crimes to service. Thus aggravated assaults increase because a large portion of Texas are struggling to survive since the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted thousands of people, leaving them homeless, jobless, and starving.

Therefore an easy way for these people to provide for themselves and their families is to steal, kill, and lie to obtain the resources they need to survive.

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The rise in murder rates in Texas

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