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The Rise in Murder Crimes in Houston

The current trends show a rise in murder crimes in Houston. The state of Texas penalizes homicide harshly compared to some of our neighboring states, with capital punishment as the harshest penalty. Despite that, homicide rates have significantly increased yearly since 2019. And now, as we look forward to a new year, we can only look back and hope this trend doesn’t continue to rise.

Rise in murder crimes in Houston

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The Rise in Murder Crimes in Houston

Currently, Houston is leading the nation in the rise of homicides. Compared to 2019, the murder rates in Houston have seen a 71% increase. And from 2020 to the end of 2021, there’s been an increase of 18%, from 400 homicides to 473. This year has the highest murder rate the city has seen since the early 1990s.

The year with the record of the most homicides in Houston is 1981, with over 700 murders. However, most of the crimes back then were related to cartels. Most of the recent murders are attributed to road rage, domestic violence, and armed robberies. The city is also seeing a rise in gang and drug activity, which adds more fuel to the growing murder rates.

Officials explain that COVID-19 worsened the situation. People are more prone to react violently quicker. Another possible attribute is repeat offenders’ crimes escalate when their prison terms end. Some of their crimes go from aggravated assault to murder after release.

As we begin 2022, the Harris County deputies are putting out plans to try and curb the recent growing trend of homicide rates. They’re planning on targeting communities and areas where violent crimes are rising the most. More law enforcement will be visible on the streets, using their presence to try and prevent crimes before they happen.

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The Rise in Murder Crimes in Houston

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