The Difference Between a DUI and a DWI in Harris County

The Difference Between a DUI and a DWI in Harris County is the same throughout Texas. A DWI is when you drive while under the influence. This is usually for adults over the age of 21, but minors who are also caught drinking can be given this charge. A DUI is when you are driving while under the influence, which can mean drugs, of course. This offense is usually carried out for minors under the age of 17.

In the state of Texas, we use either DWI or DUI when giving out the first offense. However, in other states, the names might vary depending on the different laws. No matter what the word is, the charges are the same across the board. In Texas, the illegal blood content is above 0.08% or when the vehicle’s driver shows a lack of control inabilities. Slurring words and not being able to walk are tall telling signs of being intoxicated or under the influence.

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The penalities of getting either of these can resort to jail time and have to pay a fine of a large sum of money to the state for the charges brought down on you. In Harris county, out of both a DUI and a DWI, the worst of both of them would be a DWI. With a second offense, this can go without a doubt that you will spend time in jail and most likely never have the charge dropped from your criminal history.

One thing is clear; you do not want these first offenses on your criminal record.

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