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Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

When you are searching for Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds, consider contacting the team at ASAP Bail Bonds. Our professionally trained bondsmen have a dedication to helping every client get released from prison until their trial date. Additionally, we strive to help you find the right bond that fits your current situation.

ASAP Bail Bonds has a reputation for providing fast and reliable service to every client. You can call into any of our convenient Greater Houston locations and receive assistance with paperwork and applying for a bond. We have helped thousands of individuals reunite with their families after an unexpected arrest.

Our company provides courteous and fast service. In addition, our agents have years of combined experience working in the bail bond system. When you need a bail bond, quick, call ASAP! We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are here to answer your questions.

Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

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A Professionally Trained Bail Bondsman

At ASAP Bail Bonds, we have a strict hiring process for applicants. Each of our agents is chosen for their experience and record of successful cases. Furthermore, every agent goes through professional training that prepares them for the variety of bond cases with which they consistently deal. That training, combined with customer service practices, equips them to provide you with the best service possible.

Our team understands that you want to get out of jail and back home to your family and job. Additionally, we recognize that having the right bail bond agency on your side makes your entire case go smoother.

Providing fast and courteous service is what our company is all about. We strive to meet the high standards of our founders every day. So, if you need assistance with the bail bond system, contact ASAP Bail Bonds. We have you covered when it comes to expertise.

Fast and Accurate Service

ASAP Bail Bonds is a 24 hour bail bonds company, so when you need us, we are open and ready to assist. Our trained staff provides fast and accurate service, so you can count on us. However, in the process of giving you speedy service, we do not sacrifice accuracy. Even a small mistake could cause a delay in the entire bonding process of you getting released from prison.

Providing the most accurate information to those on the receiving end of your paperwork is essential to how smoothly your case goes. Nevertheless, some bonds will take more time because they are more complicated.

A transfer bond is a great example. This type of bond is given to state residents that have been jailed outside of their home state. For instance, if a Texas resident were arrested in Tennessee, they would receive a bond from the former, not the latter. As a result, a transfer bond requires that agencies across multiple jurisdictions communicate and coordinate with putting your paperwork through. So, these bonds will naturally take longer.

Help Understanding Your Bond Agreement

When you partner with ASAP for your bail bond needs, you can count on the assistance of your agent. They will offer you reliable and usable information related to your responsibilities in keeping your bond. Prior to receiving your bond, you will have to sign an agreement that states you understand and will respect the judge’s rulings.

Your bond agreement holds the same weight as a contract. As a result, if you disregard it, you will face arrest and bond forfeiture. In other words, should you go against a judge’s ruling, expect to see a warrant for your arrest.

What type of restrictions you are subject to depends on the judge. Typically, they will take things like your crime into consideration. For instance, they could rule that you must submit to drug testing on a routine or random basis. Or, they could require you to stay away from businesses that sell alcohol.

Your bail bond agent is responsible for helping you understand the bail bond agreement. Count on ASAP to do this and much more for you!

Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

If you’re looking for Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds in the Greater Houston area, call ASAP Bail Bonds today.

A Team that Knows Their Bail Bonds


A federal bail bond is issued to those who have been charged with a federal offense. These crimes tend to be more serious, so even with the availability of a bond, there are no guarantees a judge will approve it. It is common for federal offenders to be a flight risk and danger to the public. As a result, there is more risk associated with federal cases.

For this reason, bail bond agents typically require 150% collateral in addition to regular bond payments. If you need a federal bail bond, give ASAP a call. We have a proven successful track record when it comes to federal cases, so call us today to receive a quote!


A personal bond is granted by the judge to an offender. When the judge sees the offender as a low flight risk and poses no threat to the public, they will usually offer a personal bond. Essentially, this means the offender is being released on their own recognizance. Therefore, it is especially necessary for recipients of this bond to follow the judge’s rulings word for word.


Cash bonds are the easiest, fastest, and simplest to receive. You can make payments for this type of bond with cash or debit, or credit card. However, it is important to keep in mind that some financial institutions will have a maximum limit on what you can withdraw in one transaction or one day.

If this is the case, give ASAP Bail Bonds a call. We will help you find the right payment plan to suit your needs.

Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

ASAP Bail Bonds offers payment plans! Call us today to learn more.

For more information about ASAP Bail Bonds, our services, and locations, visit our website! You can also call us to request a free quote. ASAP is the right choice for your Texas City TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds.

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