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Bail Bonding System

Covering the cost of bail and the entire process can become a major challenge if parties don’t understand what it is they are to do. Understanding the bail system, knowing how courts determine bail amounts, and knowing payment methods can really help you in a sticky situation.

Read further to learn about the bail bonding system and the criminal justice process.

Understanding Bail and Arrests

In simple terms, bail is the release of a criminal arrestee or defendant following an arrest before the end of their trial. However, the defendant or a loved one, friend, etc. can pay on their behalf if they do not have the funds.

This money is supposed to guarantee that the arrestee returns to court for the duration of their case.

Therefore, bail is not a form of punishment. It only ensures that the criminal will cooperate with the court without needing to be in custody.

Furthermore, bail plays a vital role in the criminal justice process. It serves to limit the amount of jail space needed. While also ensuring that individuals who are not a threat to the general public are free during their case.

However, it is important to remember that each jurisdiction is different, and what applies in one may not apply in others. Your offense and record also determine the court decision on allowing bond.

Individuals may be released on bail immediately after while others may have to wait until after a bail hearing.


When law enforcement arrest individuals, they physically take them into custody. The arrestee is handcuffed by the police and then placed into a law enforcement vehicle.

The individual is then transported to jail or a criminal processing center where the administrative process will take place. There are particular times when police will release arrestees without filing charges.

However, if charges are filed, the arrestee will have to remain in custody until released on bail, following a bail hearing, or until the case is resolved.

Booking “The Administrative Process”

Booking usually occurs right after the arrestee is transferred to jail. This process involves police performing a series of tasks. These tasks include collecting:

  • Individual’s Photo
  • Collecting Fingerprints
  • Confiscating Personal Belongings
  • Recording Personal Info (name, DOB, age)
  • Searching for Warrants
  • Performing a Health Evaluation
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Shortly after this process, the arrestee is placed in a detainment holding area.

Pre-Trial Release

Once the police have arrested and booked someone, there are one of three things that will take place next. First, the police can release the defendant with a written notice that states when they are to appear at court.

Secondly, the police can release the defendant only after they cover their bail amount. Thirdly, the police can keep the defendant in custody until after the bail hearing.

Furthermore, state law determines which of these options you qualify for. In reality, arrests for low-level crimes, such as disorderly conduct or petty theft will most often result in your release with a written statement.

However, more serious offenses, like aggravated assault will result in the defendant remaining in custody until after the court holds a bail hearing.

What are Bail Schedules?

These consist of lists of bail amounts that apply to certain crimes. Also, depending on the jurisdiction, the court will determine what bail amounts are appropriate for what crime.

Furthermore, they determine whether or not police can release a defendant from custody. State laws also allow judges a lot of power in determining whether or not they increase or lower bail if it is appropriate.

Bail Hearings and Determining Factors

During a bail hearing, courts determine how much bail applies to a specific case. Therefore, courts do not always have to allow bail. When making its decision, the court determines the bail amount and focuses on a variety of factors:

  • Flight Risk: Some defendants may pose a higher flight risk than others. For instance, defendants who are facing sentences that impose death or long periods of jail time may be more likely to flee.
  • Connections to the Community: Individuals who have strong ties to their community are much less likely to flee or fail to reappear in court. Defendants like local business owners pose less of a flight risk.
  • Family Obligations: Courts will typically grant a lesser bail amount for defendants who are responsible for the well-being of family members or any other dependants.
  • Criminal History: People with extensive criminal records and bad court histories are more likely to have higher bond amounts. For instance, if an individual has been granted bail numerous times or they continued to violate terms
  • Severity of Crime: In reality, more severe crimes will end up having a higher bail amount than less serious offenses.
  • Public Safety:  If a defendant’s release poses a threat to the general public courts may refuse to grant bail at all.

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Stafford, TX Fun Facts

  • The nearest airport to Stafford is William P. Hobby airport
    Stafford is home to Cullinan Park.
  • The city is also home to Stafford Center/Performing Arts Theatre & Convention Center.
  • The population is approximately 17,695
  • For more information, search Stafford, TX.