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Whatever legal troubles occur, no challenge is too great for the experts at ASAP Bail Bonds to get you the speedy bail bonds Surfside, TX, you need. When quality counts and service matters, you can rely on us to secure your freedom and quickly get you out of jail. There’s a reason why we’re the first choice for our clients.

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speedy bail bonds Surfside, TX

When you’re in a pinch, ASAP Bail Bonds has the knowledge and expertise to get you the speedy bail bonds Surfside, TX you need.

As much as we may try to avoid them, mistakes happen. Sometimes those mistakes can lead to our arrest, where we’re taken into custody and have to spend time in jail. When that happens, you won’t want to waste time sitting in a cell, sulking. You want to take action and get to work securing legal representation and preparing your defense.

The first step to taking that action is to post bail. This is the amount set by the court that you can pay to be released from their custody.

Unfortunately, sometimes the bail amount is set so high you may not be financially capable of paying it. If that’s the case, your next option is to secure a bail bond.

  • This is done by hiring a bail bond company to post bail on your behalf. A bail agent will do this, and you’ll then be released into their custody. Their responsibility is to ensure you remain arrest-free and attend your required court hearings.

When hiring a bond company, you want one trustworthy and reliable. The bail bond system has many avenues, some of which are more complicated than others. A lesser company that lacks the knowledge and skill to navigate it may end up doing more harm than good for its clients.

When skill and expertise are what you expect, ASAP Bail Bonds is the agency you can count on for speedy bail bonds Surfside, TX.

Bail Bond Services

You can be arrested for many reasons and face an array of charges. Given the circumstances or the bond the court sets, a specific bond may need to be implemented to secure your release. Our bail bond agents have the knowledge and years of experience to obtain the bond you’ll need to get out of jail.

We have the experience to handle whatever your needs demand. Our bail bond services handle:

Cash Bonds

These are traditional and the most common and straightforward forms of bail bonds. Cash Bail allows defendants can provide payment via cash, credit, or debit and must pay the full amount. They’ll then be released from custody while they await trial.

Personal Recognizance Bonds

While a cash bail bond allows a defendant to pay the court directly for their release, a Personal Recognizance Bail allows the defendant to avoid payment altogether. Instead, the court will set requirements for the defendant’s release, which can be agreed to by signing a contract. The defendant’s word will act as their bail payment. They’ll be released from custody if they adhere to the court’s stipulations.

Regardless of their trial’s outcome, as long as the defendant remains arrest-free and appears at their court hearings, no bail payment will be required.

These bonds are typically offered once a court reviews the defendant’s history and a judge deems them a minimal flight risk. This review includes their criminal record, a positive court history, social standing in the community, and whether they have a reason to leave town, such as work or family.

If this bond is available, a bail bond agent will appeal on your behalf to present your record to the court for review.

Transfer Bonds

speedy bail bonds Surfside, TX

There are a variety of bail bonds you may be required to obtain for release. Our team has the expertise to navigate them all and get exactly what you need.

Arrests won’t always occur locally. Sometimes they’ll happen across state lines. You won’t want to rely on a bond company within that state if they do. They won’t be financially responsible for you.

Instead, you’ll want to secure Transfer Bail by hiring a company in your state of residence.

These bonds allow a third party – in this case, a family member or friend – to fill out paperwork for you. It’s then up to the bond company to make the necessary calls and connections to secure your release.

Because of the time and effort needed to process these bonds, a bail company is likely to adjust its rates and fees, which makes them more expensive. Also, unlike common bonds, the processing time will take longer because of the calls and transference of information between states. That being said, the result is still positive.

Federal Bonds

Unlike common bonds, which are relatively straightforward, Federal Bail tends to be more complicated. A bond company that lacks the knowledge to navigate its process may do more harm to their client than help them. With that in mind, the bond company you hire for a federal bond must be one you can trust to get the job done right.

These bonds are not only more complicated but expensive. They require a court to decide whether a bond should even be set.

  • They’ll review whether the collateral used for payment comes from a clean source or was obtained through illegal activity.
  • Once they’ve concluded it’s clean, they’ll set the bond. Only then can a bond company begin processing.

Surety Bond

These are another less straightforward, more complicated type of bond to understand. Much like transfer bonds, a Surety Bond requires a three-party contract involving the defendant, the bail bond company, and the court. These require the bail bond company (the surety) to guarantee the defendant’s (the principal) obligations to the court (the obligee), thus promising they’ll be held liable for the defendant’s debt or failure to comply.

Their purpose is to protect the court by placing the risk on the defendant.

As illustrated, there are many forms of bail, with varying degrees of complication, a defendant may be required to obtain when arrested. While this can be headache-inducing, our local agents know their way around the bond system and are here to help you through it and get you back home.

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speedy bail bonds Surfside, TX

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Fun Facts About Surfside, TX:

  • Surfside is known as the “Cradle of Texas Liberty.”
  • The Surfside area is where the Treaty of Velasco was signed between Texas and Mexico.
  • Surfside is a popular alternative to Galveston.