Surety Bail Bonds

When it comes to all the different types of bail bonds, it’s essential to know which ones mean what. While some like cash bonds are straightforward, other ones, such as a surety bond, may require more explanation. Regardless of what kind of bond you deal with, ASAP Bail Bonds is here to assist you and walk you through each type. As the fastest bail bond company in Houston, we strive to provide the best bail bond service in your county. With your freedom secured until your court date, you’ll have plenty of time to prepare.

ASAP Bail Bonds dedicates itself to ensure that every one of our clients gets a chance to wait for their court date outside of a jail cell. When you fail to post bail or hire a bail bond agent, you have to wait in jail until your hearing. Depending on the charge brought against you, you can be waiting for 30 days or six months in the county jail. Whether you’re found guilty or innocent, that time you spend in jail cannot be returned or compensated. To avoid such an outcome, call us today and get out of jail time fast.

What is a Surety Bail Bond?

A surety bond is designed to ensure an obligation is fulfilled or compensated if it’s not met. When you require a bail paid by a third party, the process involves three total entities: The surety, the obligee, and the principal. The principal starts the transaction by obtaining the bond. The bond ensures that the principal performs a particular action or obligation to the obligee. If the principal fails to do so, then the surety provides compensation to the obligee in the principal’s place. Ultimately, surety bonds put the principal at risk while protecting the obligee.

ASAP Bail Bonds offers surety bond services for any of our clients that require it. Examples of a surety bond are replevin bonds and injunction bonds. A replevin bond handles with property that may be in question, whereas an injunction bond deals with restraining a party from taking action. No matter what type you need, ASAP Bail Bonds will handle all of your surety bond needs when you contact us. Call us today!