Prolonged Effects of Incarceration

‘Incarceration’ is the term used to describe detainment in a local, state, or federal jail or prison. While most studies on the side effects of incarceration are usually looking at data from prisons, some results can be applicable to detainment in jails. Most of these effects are long-term and can be irreversible.

Prolonged Effects of Incarceration

It’s just not worth it to stay confined in jail for longer than necessary.

Effects Of Staying In Confinement

It’s already a traumatizing experience from the start. When a defendant is arrested, they are sent to a nearby jail for booking and processing. Family members of the defendant won’t have any idea how long their loved one will be stuck in jail. Most residents don’t know the process of detainment and release, so this is all very stressful.

Once a bail amount is announced in court, the defendant will have the option to post bail or stay confined. If the defendant appears in court, they’ll get their bail amount back. Although, most don’t know this. The defendant also has the option to hire a bondsman if they need assistance. Despite this, some people will still choose to stay detained in jail. But is it worth it?

When it comes to mental health, defendants will often develop anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress disorder. Their physical health will also be heavily affected. Poor ventilation and overcrowding environmental factors often cause respiratory and parasitic diseases. Lastly, the defendants and their families often face severe financial damages, even if it’s only a month or two.

So What Can We Do To Help?

Prolonged Effects of Incarceration

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