PR bond in respect to violent crimes

In the state of Texas, and more specifically, PR bonds are a topic of interest. This is because many who have been convicted of violent crimes are getting out with just PR bonds. Many are split on this topic, and it can be hard to make choose a side when you consider why using pr bonds more often was considered in the first place. 

A PR bond is basically a personal recognizance bond. This might seem like a mouthful, but the definition is quite simple. A defendant released on a PR bond is someone that is released without paying any monetary bond. The only information that they have to give the court is their basic information.

A judge can let a defendant go on at PR bond depending on the crime and circumstance. The main reason that PR bonds are being used more frequently is people want to give a chance to those who may not be able to pay the usually large cash bail. The claim is that the cash bond system discriminates against the poor and people of color. 

PR bond in respect to violent crimes

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When considering this original reason for using PR bond, it seems reasonable. The problem is many are complaining that those who have committed more violent crimes are being released without paying anything and are still committing violent crimes. So, many are fighting for reform in this specific system. 

What will a reform mean for PR Bonds?

A reform on PR bonds does not mean that they will completely be shut down or stopped, which is what the other side fears. The reform wants judges to take more into consideration before handing PR bonds out. 

First, they would like the judges to pay more attention to the defendant’s criminal past. This can be a good indicator for making the decision for a cash bond or PR bond. In addition, they don’t want those who have had more than three felony charges to be issued a PR bond. Instead, they should have a minimum of $10,000 cash bond. This goes back into looking at the criminal record.  

Their last reform ask is suspects who have already been out one PR BOnd should not be issued another one. This might seem like a big ask, but they only want this to be done for violent crime offenders.  It is believed that if these steps are taken, people will take the system more seriously and consider their actions. 

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