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Possession of Controlled Substances

The rates of crimes relating to the possession of controlled substances in Houston have been rising in recent years. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started sweeping the world, Houston has seen a sharp increase in drug overdoses. And even in recent months, drug activity in Houston has continued to increase.

Possession of Controlled Substances

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But what are “controlled substances”? By definition, they’re drugs or other substances that the government tightly controls because people can abuse them or they’re addictive. And in Texas, the court can charge you with Possession of Controlled Substance (PCS) if the officials find them on you or your property. Examples are crack, cocaine, meth, heroin, LSD, acid, etc.

Possession of Controlled Substance

This charge is one of the most common criminal charges in Texas. To help categorize how severe the crime is, the state also organized different drugs into different groups. There are five groups in total, which they call “schedules.” Schedule 1 has the drugs the government restricts the most, with Schedule 5 having the least restrictions.

Schedule 1 includes drugs like LSD, heroin, and ecstasy. Schedule 2 has meth and cocaine, Schedule 3 with certain steroids and ketamine, Schedule 4 with Valium and Xanax, and Schedule 5 has Lyrica and various cough medicines. After this, you can further break down the Possession charge into simple possession and possession with intent to distribute. Of course, the latter has heavier charges and penalties.

In general, there are, more or less, four different penalty groups for possessing illegal drugs and other substances. The severity of the penalty depends on five factors:

  • Type of drug
  • Quantity of the drug(s)
  • How the drug was hidden
  • If there were other drugs at the scene
  • Previous drug-related convictions
Possession of Controlled Substances

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The officers in Houston can’t convict you of drug charges because you’re in the same area where they find drugs. They have to prove that you have no intention of using, managing, or distributing those drugs beyond a reasonable doubt. If you find yourself behind bars for an alleged possession crime, ASAP Bail Bonds can bail you from jail until your court hearing.

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No one wants to spend their time in jail when they don’t have to. Our bondsmen will do their best to help you get out of jail within the confines of the law. Even if you’re in jail because of possession of a controlled substance, our bail bondsmen will help you post bail.