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Discover An Outstanding Local Bail Bondsman | Texas City, TX

Discover an outstanding Texas City, TX local bail bondsman in ASAP Bail Bonds! If you or your loved one need to get out of jail fast, you can count on ASAP Bail Bonds to help. We assist all Harris County, Brazoria County, and Fort Bend County local jails and facilities.

ASAP Bail Bonds is a bail bond company dedicated to helping you get out of jail fast. We help you make your bail bond payments in time. Our bail bonds service ensures that you can prepare for your trial in the comfort of your own home rather than in a jail cell.

ASAP Bail Bonds provides cash, personal, surety, transfer, and federal bail bond services. Call us today or visit us at any of our locations to find out more!

Texas City, TX local bail bondsman

We proudly offer our bail bond services across the Greater Houston area.

The Texas City, TX Local Bail Bondsman You Can Trust

Getting arrested and thrown in jail is one of the most difficult, harrowing experiences a person can go through. Sometimes mistakes happen or you or your loved ones were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Sometimes you made a mistake that you deeply regret.

Whether a jury rules you as guilty or innocent, ASAP Bail Bonds is committed to ensuring every client gets out of jail safely. We offer plenty of resources to help you or your loved one in this trying time. Our 24 hour call service is available for contact every day of the year, so you always have someone to call.

Just because you were arrested or charged doesn’t mean you have to sit in a jail cell until your court date. A trial can take anywhere from sixty days to six months to set up. ASAP Bail Bonds can make sure your time is not wasted by setting you free so that you can focus on what matters: Meeting your lawyer and getting prepared for your court date.

ASAP Bail Bonds provides many forms you can fill out, including our bail bond quote form and our bail application form. We also require a defendant information form for requisite information for our records. We are the best Texas City, TX local bail bondsman to get you out.

Our Services

ASAP Bail Bonds provides cash, surety, personal, transfer, and federal bail bond services to our clients. We can give you the information you need to help make sense of the sometimes convoluted bail bond process. ASAP Bail Bonds are also here to help you make your payments on time.

Texas City, TX local bail bondsman

Trust us as your Texas City, TX local bail bondsman!


The most common method of payment when it comes to bail bonds is still cash. Most everyone nowadays carry cash, debit, or credit cards with them everywhere. However, a lot of those cash bonds are expensive and can easily exceed the amount you have on your person.

If you don’t have the proper funding for the bond, your only other option is to hire a bail bond company that posts bail for you. ASAP Bail Bonds is ready to do that if need be.


A more complicated type of bail bond is a surety bail bond. A surety bail bond is designed to ensure an obligation is fulfilled or compensated if it is not met.

Three entities are involved in the process: The surety, the obligee, and the principal. The principal obtains the bond, which ensures that the principal perform a particular action or obligation to the obligee. If the principal fails to do so, then the surety provides compensation to the obligee in the principal’s place. Surety bonds serve to put the principal at risk while protecting the obligee.

There are two types of surety bonds, replevin bonds and injunction bonds. A replevin bond handles any property that may be in question, whereas an injunction bond restrains a party from taking action.


A personal bail bond, also called a recognizance, is an agreement with the court to follow all rules, stipulations, and conditions the court sets before your trial date. If you or your loved one pose a minimal flight risk, then the judge may grant you a personal bail bond. The court also weighs in the severity of the crime, prior arrest history, social and community impact, and other information, taking those factors into consideration.

The most common stipulation is appearing before the court on all court-appointed dates and avoid breaking the law in any way. Other common conditions include abstaining from alcohol or take regular drug tests or rehab.

After you sign the contract, you will no longer have to pay the bail and you’ll be released from jail. If, on the other hand, you break any of the conditions of your bond, you will be arrested again and faced with more jail time.


Have you or your loved one been arrested out-of-state and need a friend of family member to bail you out? If so, the court may issue a transfer bail bond.

Transfer bail bonds are bonds that come from your home state and are equal to that of a cash or surety bond. Transfer bonds are a much longer process that requires more time than in-state bail bonds, and the fees may be more extensive.

Note that bail bond companies outside of your home state are not financially responsible for your bail bonds. As a home-state bail bondsman, ASAP Bail Bonds would be responsible. We can arrange a bailout from Houston to any state in the United States.


Federal bonds are the trickiest, most complicated kind of bail bonds. If you or your loved one has been arrested at a federal jail, a federal judge may issue a federal bail bond.

The bail for federal cases is typically set much higher than standard bail bonds. Before bail is officially set, another court hearing is conducted to ensure that the money or property used to pay bail was legitimate. That is, that the money was not earned through criminal activity. Once you prove so, the bail is set and you can contact a bail bond company.

Texas City, TX local bail bondsman

If you need help posting bail for yourself or a loved one, know that ASAP Bail Bonds is here to help.

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Unlike most of our competitors, ASAP Bail Bonds knows how to handle all kinds of bail bonds. Our extensive knowledge and experience with the legal system will ensure that you get out of jail fast. As your Texas City, TX local bail bondsman, ASAP Bail Bonds guarantees the best service for all your bail bond needs.




Fun Facts About Texas City, TX:

  • It dates from 1891.
  • In 1913 Texas City’s port became a marshalling area for the U.S. Army’s Second Division.
  • Hurricane Carla flooded the city, prompting extensive flood control.