New Judges for Harris County

0Harris County’s newest criminal district court judges, Ana Martinez and Natalia Cornelio, are here to change the court system and do their part for the city of Houston. The town has not had Latina representation since 2018, and it is about time Harris County has minorities representing the district. These women want to give a voice to the Latino community and make it apparent that it is a safe place when you have someone on your side of the law. 

More than 45% of Harris County residents are Latino or Hispanic, and numerous attorneys are Latino. With the help of these two women, they hope to make others believe they can become aspiring judges. 

New Judges for Harris County

New Judges for Harris County

New Judges bring Hope for Houston.

These two judges bring with them a sense of equality that many people feel has been missing. Moreover, the court system is unfair for some more than others. The representation allows those who do not have a voice to feel accepted and not afraid. These Hispanic women will give power to a minority class who have been fighting back for the control of their rights for so long. A woman like these two took barriers and tore them down for minorities who want to feel seen and heard.

The goal for these women is to open doors for other Hispanic people not to be afraid to stand up and take their place in a system that has been corrupted for so long. No one deserves to be mistreated or feel like they are not given the same advantages. The time for change is now in Harris County, and one can only hope it stays this way as the promise for a new opportunity is upon us. 

The new judges will take their seats in the criminal court system and serve the public respectfully. Therefore, if you find yourself in legal trouble and need help getting yourself through the court system, give ASAP Bail Bonds a call to help you out. These judges are ready and eager to help victims in the Harris County area. 

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