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Sitting in a Fort Bend county jail for days can be an incredible inconvenience to your family and place of employment. To avoid jail time, call ASAP Bail Bonds right away and get your free quote within minutes. When it comes to jail time, it can impede on your responsibilities. Whether that’s caring for your children or parents, or missing work, sitting in a cell for days does no one any good.

With that said, ASAP Bail Bonds understands that you don’t always have enough money on you to post bail. There are also particular types of bonds that make the process even more difficult. In cases where you can’t pay bail, our agents will assist you and acquire your bond for you. After that, you can rest at home and focus on preparing for your assigned court date.


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When you get arrested, you’re placed in holding until your arraignment. From there, the judge will determine if you are eligible for bail. If you are, then the bond will be set based on the offense. After that, you’ll have the option to pay the bail amount and be released. The other option is to stay in jail until authorities transport you to your trial on your assigned court date. For many, bail is not paid because they cannot afford it.

ASAP Bail Bonds can post your bail and get you out of jail the day the court sets your bond. We believe that every Houston resident deserves to be free until convicted of a crime. Even if you go to court and are found innocent, the time you spend waiting in a jail cell can’t be returned. With no compensation for your time wasted there, it becomes clear that sitting behind bars is not an excellent way to spend your time.

We offer service and aid with cash, personal, transfer, property, federal, and surety bail bonds. So no matter what kind of bond the court offers to you, we can assist with its payment. To get in touch with us, visit our office at 307 S 2nd St Suite B, or call our 24/7 phone service at (281) 232-7277. Don’t wait, and find out how we can help you fast.