Leave the Fun at the Rodeo

This year, the much-anticipated Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo will run from February 28th to March 19th. There are so many things to enjoy at the Rodeo! You get to enjoy delicious food, watch the livestock show, listen to your favorite artists, and get on magical carnival rides. At the rodeo, you’ll also be able to visit the wine garden and enjoy a large variety of alcoholic beverages.

Leave the Fun at the Rodeo

When you go to the Rodeo, make sure you have a secure ride home. It’s not worth risking getting arrested after such a fun event.

But when does the fun end?

In 2019, the Houston Police Department said that they arrested 535 Rodeo participants for suspected drunk driving. The number of suspected DUI cases during the Rodeo season has only been on a steady rise since they began selling alcohol in 1932. In 2018, the number of DWI-related arrests was around 426.

The repercussion for those who didn’t leave the fun at the Rodeo did not end after being arrested. They were taken to get booked and processed in our county jail and had to pay hefty bail amounts to get out of the situation. This year, we urge all Rodeo goers to plan ahead and find a designated driver. You wouldn’t want to end on a bad note.

Leave the Fun at the Rodeo

Leave it to ASAP Bail Bonds to get everyone out of their sticky situations.

What Happened To Those Who Couldn’t Post Bail?

After the court assigns a defendant a bail amount, they have the option to either pay the full amount or stay in jail. It’s not suggested to stay in jail, as it has detrimental health and financial effects. The defendant is offered the option to hire a bondsman to post their bail if they wish to.

ASAP Bail Bond has a variety of bond services to fit all types of cases. We were able to obtain cash bail bonds, PR bail bonds, and surety bail bonds for our fellow residents. As soon as they called us, we expedited the process and got them home immediately.

If a loved one is in a similar situation, it’s important to get proper assistance as soon as possible.

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