Learning About Non-Arrest Bonds

If a person has a pending warrant for their arrest and a bond has been set by the court, then a non-arrest bail bond can be posted so they won’t face time. If a person has an open warrant for a more serious offense,

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then the Bail Bond must be taken to the Sheriff’s bonding window by the individual being charged.

The person is not placed in handcuffs or put into jail but is lawfully under arrest until the completion of the process. It is important to know that you are not to leave until the Sherrif’s Office releases you. If you do so, you can face additional charges such as a felony charge of escape.

How Is Bail Set?

Bail is set by a judge and is based on specific factors. Some of these factors are the seriousness of the crime, flight risk, criminal history, and the defendant’s and their family’s financial situation.

Bail is not meant to punish the defendant, but to ensure they will show up for their appointed court dates.

For smaller crimes, there is a bail schedule used by police to determine the amount owed for bail. This method is sometimes called “catch and release.”

Dangers of Posting Bail Yourself

If you decide to post bail yourself, you run the risk of losing your money. That is if the person you posted bail for does not show up for their appointed court dates.

Money or even collateral will be forfeit. And collateral often has to be worth more than double the bail amount. This means, if you put down your house as collateral and the person flees, your home will be foreclosed.

By hiring a Pearland Texas bail bonds agent to support you, you have a little more freedom in your collateral. You can then use jewelry, stocks, or anything else so long as the value matches the amount of the bail bond.

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