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League City TX Online Bail Bonds

If you are looking for League City TX online bail bonds, you are in the right place! ASAP Bail Bonds offers numerous plans for arrestees for almost any situation. Get your loved one out of custody immediately with our speedy agency!

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Here at ASAP Bail Bonds, we use advanced methods and strategies that guarantee you will get out of jail ASAP! Our primary focus is providing the most dependable and precise results across three different counties. We are available 24/7, ready to support you and get you the help you need! Give us a call today.

Types Of Services Offered

Our bonding company commits its time and energy to create thorough procedures for handling bail bonds. The main reason why many defendants don’t post bail is due to lack of funds or not knowing how the system works. Therefore, we provide all of the information that one needs to know, from how the system works to how it affects you. Our team will walk you through everything there is to know about the entire process, from payment plans to critical details on how each service works.

Remaining in custody until your court date wastes a lot of time that you will not be able to get back. Even if you are found guilty, the court will not compensate for the time you lost waiting for a trial!

We are serving Harris County, Brazoria County, and the Fort Bend area, so you now have access to various locations.

Cash Bond

In many cases, the polices will not release an arrestee with a simple citation. However, they will release the arrestee after booking if that person pays a cash bond. Therefore, if the defendant cannot make bail due to a lack of funds, someone else can pay the bail on their behalf.

The amount that needs to be paid is determined by the state or local bail schedule or by a court after a bail hearing. As long as the payer can pay the full bond amount, the defendant is then released from police custody.

Personal Bond

This type of bond is similar to PR citation and release but occurs after a court holds a bail hearing. Therefore, if the court allows this type of bail, the defendant will be released from custody on the condition that they are to appear in court at a later date. Also, ensuring that they will follow all bail conditions the court imposes.

Unsecured Bond

An unsecured bond, or a signature bond, applies after the court issues a bail amount following the bond hearing. However, they do not require the defendant to pay that amount to be released. This form of bond is similar to a release and citation as well. Instead of paying any cash to be released from custody, the arrestee must sign an agreement. This agreement states that if he/she does not appear in court as required, they will be required to surrender the bail amount.

Property or Secured Bond

This form of bond is when the defendant gives the court a security interest in the property equal to the worth of the total bail amount. A security interest is a legal right to possess or take a specific piece of property. This is to secure their bond.

Therefore, with a secured or property bond, the arrestee or another payer gives security interest on a particular piece of property to the court as a form of bail. If the defendant fails to appear in court, the court now has the right to claim all assets used as collateral to compensate the bill.

Bail Hearings

Typically when a court holds a bail hearing, the judge determines how much bail applies to a particular offense. Therefore, courts do not always have to allow bail and can deny if it is allowed by the state. When the court determines bail amount or whether to deny bail, it depends on various factors.

Flight Risk

Some arrestees pose a higher threat than others. For instance, defendants who are facing sentences that impose death or long periods of incarceration have more of a reason to try to flee than others.

Community Connections

A person with strong ties to the community, such as a local business owner, is less likely to flee. This can be a completely different situation with offenders who are just vacationing.

Family Obligations and Responsibilities

Courts are more likely to issue a lesser bail amount when a defendant is a caretaker for one of their loved ones. This also applies to those who are the guardian or parents of young children and other dependants.

Assets and Income

Often, defendants with excess money or assets may not see a low bail amount as a significant issue. However, those with fewer assets may be affected by bail amounts outside of their resources. Therefore, a court can consider if a defendant is employed and will most likely lose that job due to being in custody.

Criminal History

People with an extensive criminal background will typically have a higher bond amount than first offenders. For instance, if a defendant has been issued bail numerous times in the past but has always violated those conditions, the court will impose a higher bail amount. They may even deny the bail.

The Severity of the Offense

Generally, a more serious crime will result in a much higher bail amount than a less serious crime. Usually, someone accused of minor offenses like petty theft may have to only pay $1,000 or less. However, someone who is accused of murder could face thousands of dollars or more.

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League City, TX Fun Facts

  1. Three golf courses, 14 baseball fields, 16 soccer fields, and 11.5 miles of trails with a plan to grow to a network of 212 miles of trails when complete
  2. America’s Top-Rated Smaller Cities by Grey House Publishing in 2008/2009
  3. The only community in the area with a revenue stream specifically dedicated to amateur athletics
    2009 Best Urban Garden for Helen’s Garden by the Houston Chronicle
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