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Professional Bail Bonds Solutions | Lake Jackson TX

Looking for Lake Jackson TX Professional Bail Bonds? If you are, you’ve found the right website. ASAP Bail Bonds can help you get through these difficult times. Whether it’s you or a loved one that needs assistance, you can count on us for the best Lake Jackson TX Professional Bail Bonds Solutions.

Texas Bail Bonds

In the state of Texas, a bail bond is money paid to courts so a defendant can be released after being arrested. When the bail is paid, the defendant is released from custody and can await the pending trial at home and not in a jail cell. On the other hand, when bail is not posted, the defendant will probably spend their time waiting for their court hearing in custody.

The amount of bail that defendants must pay depends on the crime in question. Also, other factors can change the amount. Sometimes defendants can even be released on personal recognizance release. This allows defendants to stay at home while the trial is pending without having to post any type of bail at all.

In cases where defendants are unable to bail themselves out, they can acquire the Lake Jackson TX Professional Bail Bonds services of a bond agency. Those who post bonds are not free of everything, they still have to abide by certain conditions. If they don’t follow the conditions set from their release, the money posted will not be returned. So if they miss the required court appearance, they are essentially forfeiting the money, essentially paying the court.

Lake Jackson TX Professional Bail Bonds

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Things To Know

For one, you should know what the term “bail” means. Bail is money posted by defendants so they can stay at home during trial. If a defendant doesn’t post bail, they will spend the time waiting for their trial in a jail cell.

In Texas, courts implement the bail system to make sure defendants actually appear for their court appearances. Missing court dates results in the defendants forfeiting the money used to post bail. On the positive end of the spectrum, if a defendant makes it to all the court appearances and the case is resolved, they get their money refunded.

Bail can be posted in 3 different ways:

Cash Bail: This type of bail is used when the defendants pay the full amount of bail with cash or check.

Bail Bond: Using a bail bondsman to post bail on the defendant’s behalf.

Property Bond: Using property as collateral, most likely a house.

The most common way to post bail is using a bail bond, especially for extreme charges. The level of crime determines the amount of bail. If a defendant cannot pay bail, they have a right to call a bail bond company. The company they choose will post bail on their behalf. In exchange for the service, bail bond companies charge a fee, normally between 10 and 20 percent of the full bond amount.

When the defendant makes all the court dates, the company who posted bail for them gets their money back. The premium though is not returned to the defendant. Now if the defendant doesn’t show up to the court hearings, all the money posted stays with the court. In addition, the defendant will be responsible for paying back the money to the bail bond company. In some cases, the company will take legal action to recoup its losses.


The amount of bail depends on the crime in question. For example, felonies will result in higher bail than misdemeanors. In some cases, bail can be denied, and in other cases, defendants can be released without posting any bail.

Bail Agents in Lake Jackson, TX

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Every court will have its own bond set lists. This list recommends the amount of bail for the type of crime. Judges have the discretion to set the amount based on circumstances. Some factors that can raise the amount of bail include:

  • The Level Of Crime
  • Prior Convictions
  • Restraining Orders
  • If The Defendant Was On Probation
  • The Defendant Is A Flight Risk
  • If The Defendant Is A Risk To Someone Else

With some serious charges, courts will choose to deny bail completely. These types of cases are normally capital felonies like murder. If this is the case the defendant will have to await the trial behind bars.

There are also cases in which defendants are released without having to pay any type of bail. Such occurrences are called personal recognizance releases. While the defendant will save money, the terms for PR bonds (Personal Recognizance) can be a bit stricter.

If you choose to pursue a price reduction, you can do so in a bail hearing. Bail can also be reduced if the case is delayed. To request a hearing, defendants can file a motion or a writ of habeas corpus. These two motions can help outline why the amount for bail should be lowered.

During this hearing, the defense team will present evidence supporting the reduction in bail. On the other hand, the prosecutor will debate for the bail to stay the same. Believe it or not, Covid 19 has actually affected the bail process as well. Come courts will be more lenient on bail payment if the defendant is a risk of spreading the disease. This is normally more relevant to:

  • Elderly Defendants
  • Those with Chronic Conditions, Especially Respiratory Problems
  • Defendants Who May Already Be Infected With The Disease
Bail Bonds for Texas

Bail Bonds agents are very useful to help navigate the bail process.

In cases where the defendant misses the court appearance, the court can issue a bench warrant for the person’s arrest. The money will be forfeited as well, staying with the court even after the case ends.

As always, you can learn more about the type of bonds and how they work by calling the team here at ASAP Bail Bonds. We are ready to come to the rescue. Get in touch with our Lake Jackson TX Professional Bail Bonds team and let’s see how we can best help you.

Efficient Way To Post Bail

Finally, you should not panic when you get arrested, the best way to handle these situations is with the help of a company you can trust. If you want a fast and efficient Lake Jackson TX Professional Bail Bonds Agency, get in touch with ASAP Bail bonds at your earliest convenience, we are here to help.

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