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Humble TX Cash Bail

Getting out of jail using a Humble TX Cash Bail from ASAP Bail Bonds is a great option for both our efficiency and superior customer service. When behind bars and looking for the fastest way to post bail, choosing the right bail bond agency can go a long way in making the process faster for everyone involved.

The justice system loves to take its time when it comes to case proceedings. Cases can go unresolved for months and even years at times. Fortunately, there are some cases where defendants are able to get out and wait for trial in their homes rather than in a cold, dark jail cell. To do so, the defendant has to first post bail.

Humble TX Cash Bail

Humble TX Cash Bail

To post a Humble TX Cash Bail, call ASAP Bail Bonds today.

There are several ways to post bail:

  • Using a cash bond: Posting bail by paying a certain amount of cash. Payment is made to the city and guarantees that the defendant won’t skip any of the court dates. If the person does, for whatever reason, skip a court date after already posting a cash bond, the bond can be revoked and forfeited. The bond money can be refunded if the case proceeds and the defendant is declared not guilty. The money can also be refunded if the case is dismissed.
  • Using a surety bond: A bail bond agency like ASAP Bail Bonds can post bail on behalf of the defendants, guaranteeing that the person appears on the next court date. The agreement to show on all court dates is between the defendant and the bonding company, so the city is not involved in the contract.
  • Released on personal bond: Judges hold the authority to release some defendants on personal bonds. Some factors that determine whether a person can be released through a personal bond include the type of charge, the defendant’s ties to the community, and if the arrest was a result of active warrants for skipping a court hearing. The defendant can request a deferred payment once they plead guilty or are found guilty. The deferred payment option gives the defendant more time to pay the fine.

The Bail Bond System

Bail is how much money a defendant must pay to be released from custody and be able to wait for trial at home. A bond is a promise made in money between the bail bond company and the defendant. Defendants can use a personal bond or a bail bond.

To better explain, imagine that a court asks for a bail amount of $60,000. Most people won’t have that type of cash at their disposal. If the defendant is unable to access that type of cash, they have the option of using a bail bond. The bail bond will be a legally binding agreement between the bond company and the defendant. The bail bond company will post bail for the person in trial and assure the court that the person will make it to their trial hearing.

After posting a bail bond, the accused person will be released pending trial. If bail is not posted, the defendant stays in jail until the case is resolved. In order for the bail bond to be valid, the bail bond company must be licensed by the state of Texas.

Humble TX Bail Bonds

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The bail bond laws in Texas are not similar to other states, and Humble TX Cash Bail laws are similar as well. After someone is charged with a crime, the courts may arrest the person. After the arrest, the courts book a date for trial and set a bail amount. The defendant has two options, to stay in custody and wait for trial or post bail and be released.

When posting bail, the person doing it can do so with either a cash bail or bond bail. The company that the defendant chooses will arrange how the person will get the bond bail. Then the person on trial agrees to and signs a contract so bail can be posted. It’s normal for bond companies to charge 10% of the total bail amount as a premium fee. The bail company then covers the entire bail and becomes responsible for ensuring that the defendant shows up to their trial hearing.


In the state of Texas, every court has a bond schedule that helps guide judges when setting bail amounts. With that said, judges do have the authority to adjust the amount. Factors that will affect the cost of bail for a resident in Texas include:

  • The type of crime
  • Whether the arrest happened while the defendant was out on bail
  • Whether the defendant is a danger to the community
  • If the defendant is on probation from another case
  • If the defendant is a flight risk

One thing to keep in mind is that bail doesn’t always need to be paid in cash. Courts can also accept payments through credit cards or collateral. Some things that could possibly serve as collateral include vehicles, real estate, or valuable property.

After paying a bail bond, the person in trial still has to go to court. If the defendant appears in court without missing one hearing, the bonds company is able to get their money refunded. The opposite scenario is the defendant missing a court date. When this happens, the bonds company loses its money, making the defendant responsible for the losses.

Humble TX Bonds Company

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While judges are the ones that set the amount of money a person has to pay to bail out, the defendant does have a right to ask for a reduction. When a defendant asks for a reduction, the court schedules a hearing to decide whether or not bail should be reduced. The defense team will try to help the defendant by arguing for a reduction.

If the person on trial is a resident of the state, has a job that supports a family, and has no passport, they are probably not a flight risk. Not being a flight risk can help the argument for bail reduction. On the other hand, if the defendant is not from Texas and has the ability to fly away, they will be considered a flight risk and could face a higher bail amount.

Choosing the right bail bond agency can go a long way in making the entire process easier to navigate. Don’t stay in jail longer than you have to; call ASAP Bail Bonds and ask about our Humble TX Cash Bail.

Humble, TX Fun Facts

  • Located 20 minutes from the city of Houston
  • Humble became an oil boomtown early in the 20th century
  • The population is around 16,795