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Enjoy the beauty of being free with the help of a professional Humble, TX bail agent. ASAP Bail Bonds is a bail bonding company based in Texas with over 20 years of experience. We have the most experienced, professional bail bond agents who will make your bail bond process quick and easy.

We are the preferred bail bond company for those in Houston, Humble, Katy, etc. That is because we are a licensed and insured bail bond agency. Plus, we serve major counties across the state of Texas. These counties include Harris, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Galveston, and Wharton County. So, no matter where you’ve been arrested, why you were arrested, or if it’s day or night, ASAP Bail Bonds is here for you.

We only employ the most qualified, trained bail bondsmen and offer incredible, affordable bail bond service in Humble, Texas. Our bail bondsmen are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality service possible.

We take great pride in our reputation. As such, we are known for giving our customers a speedy bail bonds process. Contact us today to have our Humble, TX bail agent get your freedom back.

How A Humble, TX Bail Agent Can Help You

Humble, TX bail agent

Our Humble, TX bail agent is here to help you be free.

When it comes to bail bonds, there are a few things that you can count on your local bail agent to do. They will put their financial well-being at risk to help someone get out of jail. In return, they will receive a percentage of the bail bond amount for their services.

This is the way bail bonds work in most cases. However, not all bail agents treat customers equally. Unfortunately, in some cases, bail agents take advantage of people who cannot pay their fees.

A Bail Bond Company You Can Trust

According to a report from NBC News, bail agents across the country are using high-pressure tactics to try and squeeze more money out of those who are unable to pay their fees. In some cases, bail agents are reportedly refusing to release people without payment.

With that in mind, it is crucial that you get help from a bail agent that is compassionate, caring, and loyal. Most importantly, a bail bond company that offers affordable bail bond services with beneficial payment plans. Fortunately, ASAP Bail Bonds is that company for you!

If you are in the Humble, TX area and need a bail agent, choose ASAP Bail Bonds. We are a full-service bail bond company that can help you with any bail needs you may have. We understand that the process of getting bailed out of jail can be stressful, so we do everything we can to make it as easy as possible for our clients.

ASAP Bail Bonds: Only Speedy Bail Bonds

Humble, TX bail agent

With our help, your time in jail will come to an abrupt end.

ASAP Bail Bonds is the leading provider of bail bonds in Houston, TX. We work with experienced bail bondsmen to get you or your loved one out of jail as soon as possible. ASAP Bail Bonds has a no-discrimination and no-judgment policy. This means that we will help you no matter the reason for your arrest.

So, if you’ve been charged with a felony or misdemeanor or if you’re innocent or guilty, no worries! Our number one goal is to get you out of jail ASAP.

With that being said, we carry our name proudly and live by the words in it. Therefore, you can expect us to get you out of jail faster than you can say, “I’m free.”

ASAP Bail Bonds has a reputable reputation for being fast, reliable, and efficient. Our customers know that when they choose us, we take action, and they’ll be out of jail in no time living their lives again.

Furthermore, we can’t fail to mention the fantastic wide range of bail bond services we offer. We guarantee no other bail bond company in the area will offer what we do. Our services are delivered with the utmost level of respect, care, and compassion. So, you’ll never feel moments of confusion or stress.

Quality Services Just For You

  • Cash Bail Bonds
  • Personal Bail Bonds
  • Federal Bail Bonds
  • Surety Bail Bonds
  • Transfer Bail Bonds

At ASAP Bail Bonds, we understand that each customer comes in with unique legal needs. Therefore, we provide personalized customer care to ensure you get the best results possible. Our Humble, TX agent will work closely with you and keep you in the loop at all times.

Understanding Felonies In Texas

Humble, TX bail agent

ASAP Bail Bonds can bail you out even if you’re charged with a felony.

A felony is a serious crime that is punishable by imprisonment. In Texas, there are three types of felonies: first-degree felony, second-degree felony, and third-degree felony. Each type of felony has its own set of criminal penalties.

For example, first-degree felonies are punishable by five years to life in prison, while second-degree felonies are punishable by two years to 20 years in prison. Finally, third-degree felonies are punishable by two years to 10 years in prison.

It is evident that felonies are much more severe crimes than misdemeanors. Therefore, those charged with a felony often believe they have no chance of posting bail.

However, that is not exactly true. Bail can be granted to those charged with a felony. However, the judge will consider the severity of the crime, criminal record, etc., before making a decision.

Examples of Felonies

  • First-degree felonies – Aggravated robbery, arson causing death, attempted murder
  • Second-degree felonies – Mansluagther, aggravated assault, robbery, arson
  • Third-degree felonies – Indecent exposure to a child, tampering with evidence, deadly conduct with a firearm, stalking

We encourage you to give us a call for help even if you’ve been charged with a felony. Our bail bondsmen have the experience to maneuver through the industry and get your freedom back.

Be Free Today!

At ASAP Bail Bonds, we understand that everyone makes mistakes. Therefore, we believe that everyone deserves to post bail and be free. Our goal is to give you a quick release from jail no matter the crime committed.

So, give us a call today or visit us. Our Humble, TX bail agent is here to help you.

Facts About Humble, TX 

  • Humble is located North of Harris County.
  • The city’s population is over 15,000.
  • It’s believed the first settler arrived in 1828.