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Humble Texas Bondsman, Bail Bond Services, and the Process

Bails or bonds refer to the release of a criminal defendant or arrestee following their arrest or at the end of their criminal case. Bail can involve the defendant or their loved one paying money to a court.

The money is supposed to ensure that the defendant returns to court for the rest of the process. With that being said, bail is not a form of punishment. However, it is a way to ensure that the criminal defendant returns to court without having to remain in custody.

Bail plays a vital role in the criminal justice process. It serves to limit the amount of jail space needed, and it grants defendants freedom while their case is pending.

People can be released on bail at almost any time in this process. Therefore, arrestees can be releases immediately after their arrest or after a court has issued a sentence.

Typically, any time someone is arrested there will be three outcomes:

  • Arrestee is released
  • The defendant is charged and released on bail
  • The arrestee is charged and remains in custody until the end of their case


In simple terms, arrests involve law enforcement physically taking an individual into custody. The arrestee is then put into cuffs, transported by a law enforcement vehicle, and then transferred to a correctional facility.

Law enforcement will then perform a series of tasks known as “booking.” There are times when police will release the arrestees without filing charges. However, if charges are filed, the defendant will have to remain in custody.

Therefore, remaining in custody until released on bail, the court makes a judgment, or until the case has been resolved.


Also known as the administrative process, booking involves inputting personal data into the legal system. The collection of data includes the following:

  • Recording personal information (name, date of birth, age)
  • Taking the arrestee’s photo
  • Taking fingerprints
  • Collecting physical belongings and storing them away until the defendant is released
  • Health evaluation

Once all information is collected, the defendant is then placed in a holding area.

Pretrial Release

Once the police have arrested and booked someone, there are three factors that will most likely happen. One outcome could be releasing the defendant with a written notice to appear in court.

Secondly, law enforcement can release the defendant only after they have covered the proper bail amount. Lastly, the police can keep the defendant in custody until their bail hearing.

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Whatever the courts determine is influenced by state law. Generally, arrests for minor offenses like petty theft will result in release with a written notice to appear.

However, more severe crimes such as major violent offenses like armed robbery can result in the defendant remaining in custody until a court holds a bail hearing.

Bail Hearings

When a court holds a bail hearing, the judge determines how much bail is appropriate for the specific case. It is important to remember that the court does not always have to allow bail.

Therefore, if allowed by the state, the court can deny bail. When it comes to determining bail amount or whether defendants are eligible, involves a series of factors:

Flight Risk

Some defendants who may pose a higher flight risk than others may be more likely to flee. For example, if an individual is charged with murder or assault they pose a higher flight risk.

Community Connections

An individual who is connected to their community is less likely to pose a flight risk. For example, local business owners or others who have their entire family located in one area are less likely to flee.

Familial Responsibilities

Courts are more likely to grant a lesser bail amount to individuals who are caretakers.

Income and Possessions

Individuals with a lot of wealth may not see a low bail amount as a significant consequence. However, those with fewer assets may be significantly impacted if the bail amount is outside of their range.

Therefore, the court can determine whether or not if the defendant will lose their job by remaining in custody and being unable to pay bail.

Criminal Record

Individuals with an extensive criminal history, specifically those with histories that involved failures to appear in court, usually have a higher bond amount.

For instance, if a defendant has been granted bail several times but always violates terms or fails to appear in court, the judge will administer a higher bail amount. Furthermore, they may deny bail for that defendant.

The severity of Crime

Generally, more severe crimes will have a higher bail amount than petty crimes. For instance, bail for someone accused of petty larceny may have to pay a bail amount of $1,000 or less. While someone who accused of a crime like murder will have to pay thousands of dollars.

Public Safety

If the release of a defendant poses a threat to the safety of others or the community, bail will most likely be denied. For instance, someone who was charged with conspiring to commit an act of terrorism will be denied bail.

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Humble, TX Fun Facts

  • First settled in the early 1800s by Joseph Dunman
  • In 1904, the first railroad entered the city, and Humble was incorporated in 1933
  • Humble has attractions such as the Botanical Gardens, Humble Historical Museum, and Sheldon Lake State Park
  • For more information, search Humble, TX.