How PR Bonds Can Help You

Anyone can be arrested at any time. It is frightening to imagine being arrested and thrown in jail without a plan for how to get out. We often hear people in the court system say the phrase “innocent until proven guilty.” However, when someone is arrested, it can feel like the opposite is true. 

You can be held in jail for an unfair amount of time while you wait for your trial. Basically, you could serve jail time even if you are totally innocent. Being detained can be a very harrowing experience and is not the ideal way to prepare for your trial. 

Thankfully there is a way to get out of this situation. A bail bond is your key to getting out of jail and back home while you await your trial. And the best type of bond for you is a PR bond. 

What Is A PR Bond?

PR or Personal Recognizance bonds are the ideal option for those who do not have the ability to pay for a traditional cash bond. If a judge agrees that you are not likely to try to flee the state, you can be granted a personal bond by the court. However, this deal

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usually comes with a set of rules and guidelines you must follow while awaiting your trial. If you can follow these rules, you will not have to pay bail. 

Basically, if you get a personal recognizance bond, you can avoid posting bail and jail time. You should not have to spend extra time in jail before your trial or spend a lot of money just to get out. You are innocent until proven guilty, and you deserve to wait for your trial from the comfort of your own home. 

How It Works

When you are granted a PR bond, you will sign a contract that ensures that you will be in court on your required days and avoid breaking the law. Once the contract is signed, you are released from jail without having to pay bail.

Once you are out of jail, all you are required to do is follow the instructions from your contract. Usually, this just means come to court on your assigned days and don’t break the law. This gives you plenty of time to prepare for your trial in whatever ways you need to. 

These rules can differ based on the offense you were arrested for. For example, you may need to have regular drug testing or go to a rehab program. While the rules can vary, you should be able to follow them and avoid paying bail and staying in jail. 

PR bonds are not for everyone. The court will consider your prior arrest history, the severity of your crime, the impact on your community, and more when deciding whether or not you qualify for a PR bond. 

But, if you are in for a minor offense, have a relatively clean record, and pose no risk of fleeing, and have the help of a trusted bail bond service on your side, you could get out of jail without paying bail. ASAP Bail Bonds can get you a PR bond so that you can get out of jail as soon as possible. Don’t serve time before you have received a sentence. Call ASAP Bail Bonds.