How does the Transfer Bail Bond process work in Harris County?

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A Bail Bond is an agreement between an individual and their sureties. It makes sure that they show up for court when the time comes. The individual will deposit a certain amount of funds to the sheriff’s office to secure this agreement.

Transfer Bonds

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An individual might not always be in the state of Texas when they are arrested but is still in need of a bail bond. This is where we come in using a Transfer Bail Bond. An individual is arrested in another state and needs to post bail to be released. The process will be a little different and more complex than being in the state. Thankfully you have a Bond Company like us to handle the situation.

We can post bail to any state in the US. When it comes to this process, you want to make sure that the bond company that you are calling has the experience and knows what they are doing. The process can be tedious and complicated. We have agents that will travel to the state you were arrested. A quick release is sure. At ASAP Bail Bonds, we have that experience and will walk you and whoever you send to us through the process.

How does the Transfer Bail Bond process work in Harris County?

A Transfer Bond is equal to a cash or surety bond. This means they have to come from your home state. Payment needs to be made to Harris County Sheriff’s Office. Harris county requires the use of an approved bonding company in the area in order to effectively be released. Unlike posting bonds in your state, the time frame is much longer, but the results are always positive.

Something to also keep in mind is that out-of-state arrest bond companies not in your home state are not responsible for your bail bonds. A bail bond company in your home state is responsible.

Working with us is the best option. Make the choice to call us or have a family member or friend give us a call today. Get Transfer Bail Bonds from ASAP Bail Bonds.

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