How does the Immigration Bail Bond process work in Harris County?

If you are an immigrant and find yourself under arrest at the Harris County jail, consider asking for an immigration bail bond. Although there are specific qualifications you must meet to receive this type of bond; it is typically a very flawless process. 

The Harris County Jail is one of the largest in the country. If you are arrested in the Greater Houston area, chances are you will find yourself there. Immigrants can face detainment by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for many different reasons. For instance, being in the country illegally or committing a crime as a foreign national can cause you to face jail time.

How does the Immigration Bail Bond process work in Harris County?

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What is an Immigration Bail Bond?

ICE has the authority to release detainees on their own recognizance. In this instance, you will not have to get a bond. However, should you be seen as a flight risk or danger to the public, they might require you to get a bond in order to see a release from prison.

If you are a foreign national, an immigration bail bond is likely the best option for you to pursue. It is ICE or an immigration judge that will set your bail amount. Therefore, that amount will influence the type of bond you will need. For the best advice on which bond to select, contact an immigration lawyer or one of the expert bond agents at ASAP Bail Bonds.

Type of Immigration Bail Bonds

 Delivery Bond

A delivery bail bond is one of several types of immigration bonds available to detainees. Essentially, this type of bond is similar to many others. It requires the detainee to show up for all court hearings and appearances, but in the meantime, allows them to remain at home with family. It also gives you the opportunity to contact an immigration lawyer.

Voluntary Departure Bond

The voluntary departure bond is another type that immigrants can use if they have been detained by ICE. While there are certain exceptions to who will qualify for this bond, most detainees can receive it.

The voluntary departure bond is specifically for detainees. If a detainee receives this bond, they have a certain amount of time to leave the country. When they do so, the bond money will be refunded to them. If they fail to leave, it will be forfeited, and they will face another detainment.

How does the Immigration Bail Bond process work in Harris County?

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Paying for an Immigration Bond

You can make payments for a bond through a cash or surety agreement. The former requires you to pay the full bond amount. Once the detainee has attended all hearings and court dates, they will receive a refund.

The other type, a surety agreement, has a third party involved. So, a family or friend will pay 15-20% of the bond amount. This portion is non-refundable. The detainee must show up to their court hearings or risk forfeiture of the bond. If this happens, the third party is required to pay the remainder of the bond.

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