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Houston TX online bail bonds

Getting thrown in jail can be a scary process, but it doesn’t have to be when you choose Houston TX online bail bonds. ASAP Bail Bonds specialize in online bail bonds and utilizing the most modern methods and strategies to ensure that you’re able to get out of jail fast. We provide services to 3 different counties, and when you get in touch with one of our bondsmen, you act as if you’re their only client. You will always have our undivided attention.

Houston TX online bail bonds

Contact ASAP Bail Bonds if you want to get out of jail fast!

A Trusted Bail Bond Service

When you call us, you’ll gain the best bondsman in Texas. We ensure you get the chance to plea your case from the comfort of your home. It can only be that much tougher to debate your case when you’re behind the bars of a jail cell.

Furthermore, our services are available 24/7 no matter the time of day you need us–early or late, we’re here for you. If you don’t call a bondsman, you could end up sitting in jail for weeks to months. Call us anytime you need to get out of jail ASAP. Our goal is to offer everyone in our three counties this service and present a fighting chance at freedom.

Spending time in jail can affect your personal and work life. Try explaining to your boss why you didn’t show up to work for a day and sometimes a week because you were sitting in jail–that won’t go over well.

ASAP Bail Bonds devote their time and energy to a better way of handling bail bonds. One of the most common ways that defendants don’t make bail is because they lack the funds or don’t fully understand the bail process. Don’t let money get in the way of your freedom. Call us today; we want to help!

Houston TX online bail bonds service

There’s no other choice when you need Houston TX online bail bonds.

Bond Services we Offer

To serve a wider variety of customers, we offer numerous bail bonds to meet your needs. When you call us to ask for services, we treat you like you’re our only client. No matter the bail amount, rest assured we can cover the expense.

Our professional team devotes their time to make sure that you never deny bail. With our help, you will be in the safety and security of your own home, where you’ll be able to consult with your lawyers and family members privately.

Our Bonds

Cash Bonds

The most common method of paying for bail bonds is with cash. However, due to an everchanging society, most people do not carry cash anymore; if you do, it is in small amounts that wouldn’t cover a bond’s expense. This is where we come in. If you do not have enough to cover the cash amount, we will pay it for you.

Surety Bonds

Cash bonds are mostly straightforward. Surety bonds can be a bit more complicated, designed to ensure an obligation is fulfilled or compensated if it’s not met. With surety bonds, three entities come into play: the surety, the obligee, and the principal. This type of bond ensures that the principal in the transaction pays the obligee. Ultimately, a surety is put at risk when protecting the obligee.

Personal Bail Bonds

A personal bond, or an own recognizance, is an agreement with the court to follow all of the conditions they set before your court hearing. When you choose a personal bond, you will sign a contract that states you must appear in court on every date required and avoid breaking the law in any way or form. After the contract is signed, you aren’t required to pay the bail. You’re released from jail once the payment waives, then all you have to do is follow the court’s instructions.

Federal Bail Bonds

Finally, there is the federal bond. Federal bail bonds go through federal judges and set at a much higher price than normal bonds. Because the courts want to make sure that the money or property used to pay the bond isn’t involved in criminal activity. While many prefer to have their bail bonds handled by a company that has been recommended by a friend or family member, it’s more significant that you get an agency that is familiar with federal bonds.

Houston TX online bail bonds company

We don’t just offer our services in Texas. We can help you out when you get arrested elsewhere!

Take Action Now

Getting arrested can destroy your family, yourself, and your job if you let it. The bail process can be challenging to deal with, especially if you don’t know how bail works. ASAP Bail Bonds knows that not everyone knows everything they need to regarding court proceedings and bail bonds. That’s where ASAP Bail Bonds comes into play.

Once you’ve been arrested for a misdemeanor or a felony, you are taken to the police station for booking. After this is complete, the courts will hold a hearing to determine your bail amount. When bail sets, then you will need to pay to be released. If you cannot afford to pay the bail amount, you will call us to post bail.

Once the trial arrives, even if you’re not guilty, you won’t get back the time you spent in jail. This bail bond payment will ensure that you will show up to court on the set dates. If you don’t show up, then the bail is forfeit, and the court keeps the money.

To help you, you must gather all of the useful information needed to proceed with the bails process. The information needed is whether or not you’re in a county or city jail, booking number, what you’re charged with, your full legal name, date of birth, and the amount of bail set. Ensuring that this information is correct will help us ensure that the process is completed quickly so that you can get out of jail ASAP!

Houston TX online bail bonds

We should be your first choice if you want the quickest services around. You can count on us to remain as the leading bail bonds company. Staying in jail for a long time won’t allow you to prepare for your upcoming trial properly. Contact ASAP Bail Bonds to learn how and where we can help!

Give us a call today at (713) 225-2727. We are more than ready to help.

 Fun Facts about Houston, TX:

    • Houston is one of the busiest port cities in the nation.
    • The Texas Medical Center is the largest in the world.
    • In the late-1830s, Houston was the capital of Texas.
    • Houston has an underground tunnel system.
    • For more information about Houston, TX, visit the city’s website.