Houston TX Bonding Company Near Me

Houston TX Bonding Company Near Me

Houston TX Bonding Company Near Me

Are you looking for a Houston TX bonding company near me? Then you need to talk with ASAP Bail Bonds because we have some of the best bail bondsmen in town. Our 24-hour services will help you whenever you find yourself in trouble. We understand that when you are arrested that it isn’t always during the regular 9-5. Instead, it can be on weekends, middle of the night, or early morning. ASAP Bail Bonds is here to help you get back home so you can prepare for your trial.

Many people wonder how bail bonds work. Bail bond agents understand bail bonds like the back of their hands, which makes them the best to help you when dealing with a bond. If you would like to know how you can help your loved one with their bail, then you should talk to the experts. We have experience working with various bail bonds and can make sure your loved one comes back home ASAP.

When you hire a bail bond agent, there is a small fee that you will be expected to pay for their services. This fee is typically 10% of the bail bond. So, if you have a higher bail bond, the fee will be more than if you had a lower one. Part of why the fee is there is because bail bond agents are risking their money to help. So, in return, they want a small payment. Paying bail can be impossible for some, however when you get the help of a bail bondmen, then it can become easier to get back home. So, what are bail bonds, and how do they work?

What are Bail Bonds

Bail bonds services are there to help people get released from jail to work on their court cases. Those who get out on bail have a better chance of getting their name cleared than those who remain in jail. This is because those who go through the bonding process are able to return home and find a quality lawyer for their case.

There are some people who believe that bail is made to punish defendants. However, it is more about making sure that you or your loved one come to their appointed court cases. Bail isn’t completely lost to the court. When you post bail, it will be held by the court until the end of the court case. After that, it will be returned whether the defendant was found guilty or not.

When you hire a bail bond agent, then it keeps you or others from having their money tied up in the justice system. That can be hundreds even thousands of dollars stuck with the court for months on end. This money could be used for other things; however, the more severe the crime, the more money you will have held for months.

This is why bail bondsmen ask for a small fee in return for their services. If you choose not to go to your appointed court dates or break the rules, then the bail that was posted is lost. Bail bond agents know this, which is why they want to have a fee they can keep after the court dates. So, the 10% you pay a bail bond agent will be lost. However, you won’t have to put up thousands of dollars that could be used for other things.

Houston TX Bonding Company Near Me

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The Right to Bail

Everyone has the right to bail and is seen as innocent until proven guilty. Having a right to bail is because of the eighth amendment in the Constitution. It also protects people from excessive bail and anything that inflicts cruel and unusual punishment. Commercial bail bond agents came about because of the demand for them.

In the early days of bail bonds, often, the people who ended up in the justice system were servants. Since they didn’t have anything to their name, they would have to call on their “owners” to post bail. Over time, this grew into commercial bail bonds.

While many states allow commercial bail bond agents, there are some states where they are outlawed. These states are Maine, Illinois, Kentucky, and Oregon. Luckily, Texas is not one of those states, and if you are looking for a bail bond company in Houston, you can easily find one. Talk with ASAP Bail Bonds today about making us your Houston TX bonding company near me.

Houston TX Bonding Company Near Me

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The Importance of Bail Bondsmen

When you hire a bail bond agent, then bail is made more affordable. It doesn’t matter how much your bail is. You will only be charged a rate of about 10% of the bail bond. Some bail bondsmen even allow a payment plan. That way, those who need it can afford it and get their loved ones out of jail.

Some people decide to plead guilty if the infraction is small rather than posting bail or going through the bonding process. However, when you choose to plead guilty, then you will end up with a criminal record. This can also cause you to incur fines and lose time doing community service. Many of the people who choose this option are innocent and don’t deserve to have a criminal record.

This is why bail bond agents are important. We can help walk you through the bonding process and keep you from creating a criminal record. When someone posts bail, whether through a bondsman or themselves, then they are able to go home and adequately prepare for their trial. It also gives time back to the defendant to spend working or with their family.

While bail bond agents will post bail, they can’t keep you from being found guilty—however, every second count when preparing for trial. So, getting time back to prepare is essential to clearing your name. Those who choose to get out on bail will have a stronger chance of being found innocent. So, talk to our bonding agents about becoming your Houston TX bonding company near me.

The Best Houston TX bonding company near me

Give ASAP Bail Bonds a call today at (713) 225-2727 to see how we can help you and your loved ones.  You can learn more about our company by checking out our location and our services. See what makes us the best by making us your Houston TX Bonding Company Near Me.

Houston TX Fun Facts

  • The JP Morgan Chase Tower is the tallest building in Houston
  • There are four professional sports teams that call Houston home
  • The residents here eat out more than any other U.S. city
  • Find out more about Houston TX by checking them out 
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