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Houston TX Affordable Bonds

Do you need Houston TX affordable bonds? ASAP Bail Bonds has you covered. We serve Houston and the surrounding cities any time, day or night. Our bonding agents want to get you released from jail as fast as possible.

Moreover, ASAP Bail Bonds a separate, convenient location in three different counties. All of our locations offer 24 hour service. Whether your arrest occurs in Houston Texas, or Sugar Land, we’ve got you covered. Our bail bond service has been serving all of Harris County, Fort Bend County, and Brazoria County for years.

We know you want to get your loved ones out of jail as fast as possible. Work with one of our bail bondsmen to help you navigate the complicated bond process.

Furthermore, we understand that our clients are already under a tremendous amount of stress. Our goal isn’t to add to that with financial worries.

That’s why we offer our bond services at an affordable price, as well as a variety of payment plans and options. We want you to get help now, so let’s worry about the bill later.

ASAP Bail Bonds is the premiere bail bond company in Houston TX. We proudly serve all of Harris County TX, and beyond. Don’t wait. Give us a call today.

ASAP Gets You Home Fast

There aren’t many experiences more stressful than an arrest. However, when that stress is added to our complicated legal system, a network of court dates, and the opaque bail process, the pressure mounts even further.

Luckily, ASAP Bail Bonds is here to help. We’ll get you home any time, day or night, because our offices are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

With ASAP Bail Bonds, you can trust that you’ll get help fast. Our knowledgeable professionals will walk you through the bonding process and make sure you get exactly the services you need.

It’s no secret: we have a complicated legal system. Luckily, the process following an arrest is fairly straightforward. After a law enforcement officer arrests an individual, the arresting officer transports the arrestee to a police station for booking and processing.


Houston TX Affordable Bonds

ASAP gets you home fast!

What Happens After An Arrest?

From the police station, the arrestee is transported to jail and awaits their appearance before a judge. For criminal offenses at the state level, drunk driving or public intoxication, for example, the judge will set a date for the trial and a bail bond. Federal offenses require an additional hearing before a judge to determine eligibility for bail.

After the bail bond is set, ASAP Bail Bonds can step in. Technically, bail is simply a promise. In this case, it is a promise by the defendant to remain within their home state and appear at all of their designated court dates. Bail bonds secure this promise.

Moreover, there are several different varieties of bail bonds. The most common is the cash bond. The judge specifies a monetary amount the defendant must pay to secure their release. That amount must be paid in full using cash, credit, or debit.

When defendants can’t afford their cash bail, ASAP Bail Bonds can help them come up with the money they need.

After the cash bond comes the much-sought-after personal bond. Instead of a cash amount, defendants are released on personal recognizance. That means the individual has signed a written agreement to appear in court at the scheduled time and stay within the state.

In addition to cash and personal bonds, defendants may also secure their release with a surety bond. While cash and personal bonds require defendants to secure their own release, a third party takes financial responsibility for a defendant’s release with a surety bond.

Finally, there are two additional types of bonds a defendant may require: transfer and federal bonds.

Transfer bonds allow clients arrested out-of-state to leave jail and return to their home state. Federal bonds secure the release of a defendant charged with a federal crime. These are especially important because, without bail, a defendant charged with a federal crime awaits trial in federal prison.

Houston TX Affordable Bonds

Houston TX Affordable Bonds

What Services Does ASAP Offer?

ASAP Bail Bonds offers many options for Houston TX affordable bonds.

Firstly, we offer cash bond services to clients that need some extra money to secure their release.

Secondly, our bond agents will help customers aiming for a personal bond. We know who to call, where to go, and what to say to help clients with the right qualities secure a PR release. When determining whether or not to grant a personal bond, judges use several factors such as the nature of the charge, criminal history, past court appearances, and ties to the city, such as family, work, and community involvement.

When a cash bond or a personal bond isn’t an option, ASAP Bail Bonds will offer surety bail bonds to clients in need. We will act as your surety so that you can fulfill your obligation to the court.

We also help clients in need of transfer bonds. While bond companies in the state of your arrest will also offer services, it pays to choose a Texas bond service as only companies in your home state can take on financial responsibility for your release.

Finally, ASAP is more than qualified to handle the difficult and expensive federal bond process. We have the experience and the resources to secure your release, even if you find yourself in a federal court.

Houston TX Affordable Bonds

We have the best team of bondsmen in the greater Houston area.

Need Houston TX Affordable Bonds? Call ASAP Today

At ASAP Bail Bonds, we know how to help you fast. Call our Harris County office at  (713) 225-2727, send us an email, or visit our website to get bail bonds today. If you need Houston TX affordable bonds, we’ve got your back.

Houston TX Fun Facts

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