Harris County TX Post Bail

If you find you are in an awkward position and are looking for a Harris County TX Post Bail service, give ASAP Bail Bonds a call! We are available 24/7/365. Our bondsmen will help you find a bail bond that fits your situation. Furthermore, we commit to helping you return home as soon as possible.

ASAP Bail Bonds has four convenient locations throughout the Houston and Greater Houston area. Our bail bond agency serves the entire State of Texas, so no matter where you find yourself, we can get you the help you need.  With years of experience on your side, you can focus on preparing for court. Keep reading for more information about our services!

Harris County TX Post Bail

Harris County TX Post Bail

Break Through the Confusion of Bail Bonds

One can often experience nervousness when they face unexpected arrest and imprisonment. Add to that the court hearing, and everything can seem like a confusing mess. When you give ASAP Bail Bonds a call, we will help you break through the confusion of bail bonds. Our agents will help you understand the stipulations of a bond and how it can be positively or negatively affected by your actions upon release.

Above all, you must attend your court hearing and every subsequent court date you receive. It may be an inconvenience to miss work; however, not attending court will result in the revoking of your bond. As a result, an arrest warrant will occur. You can prevent this from happening by attending every court date you receive.

There are several different types of bail bonds, and knowing which one will best fit your current situation can be hit or miss. ASAP Bail Bonds has significant experience handling the ins and outs of a variety of bond situations. Our bondsmen are experienced professionals who are here to answer any question you have and to help you return home to your family while you wait for your court trial.

Types of Bail Bonds


A cash bail bond is the most common type. It is also the quickest and easiest bond to receive. Payment for this type of bond can be made with cash, debit, or credit. There are some drawbacks to using this type of bond. Most banks and credit card companies will place a limit on the amount of money you can spend in one transaction.

As a result, should your bail be set at over that amount, you will have to consider other options. When you give ASAP Bail Bonds a call, we will help you figure out how to handle this type of situation. The result is that you will have to pay a portion of the bail amount on your own or request a different kind of bond.


If you present a minimal flight risk, the courts may give you a personal bond. Essentially, this means you will receive a bond upon your recognizance. Before release, you will have to sign a contract stating you will follow specific protocols and rules laid out by the judge until your trial date.

For instance, this could mean you cannot be near a place that sells alcohol. Or it might stipulate that you will need to keep a certain distance between you and another person who is involved in the crime. It could also mean you must surrender your passport and stay within city or state limits. During the time you are awaiting a trial, it is critical that you follow these restrictions. The alternative is violating a judge’s ruling, and to do so means facing arrest.

Harris County TX Post Bail

ASAP Bail Bonds is the best choice to get out of jail today.


If you find you have been arrested away from home, and out of your home state, transfer bonds may be the best bond solution. A transfer bond is one that comes from your home state. A bail bond agency then sends it to the courts where you must stand trial. This bond is a type that takes longer to process as it is more complicated than other types of bonds. Nevertheless, if you call Texas home and find yourself incarcerated outside state lines, give ASAP Bail Bonds a call!


Receiving a federal bail bond is also a complicated process. Federal bail amounts are typically higher, so most people end up purchasing a bond. The federal bond system is unique and complex, with an abundance of rules and regulations. As a result, when choosing a bail bond agency, you will want to consider their experience dealing with federal bonds.

It is essential for them not just to know how to process these bonds but also they should know the underlying guidelines. When you choose to hire ASAP Bail Bonds, you are selecting an agency that has an excellent record dealing with federal bail bonds.

Harris County TX Post Bail

ASAP Bail Bonds are experts in handling a variety of bonds. Call us today for a free quote!

The ASAP Bail Bonds Advantage

At ASAP Bail Bonds, we genuinely care for our clients. We understand that difficult situations come up unexpectedly. Our mission is not only to assist you through this difficult time but to find a bail bonds solution that fits your specific situation. Whether that means receiving a cash bond or going through the complex federal bond process, we will see you through it.

Receiving a bail bond frees you from having to remain in prison under your court trial. Additionally, rather than dealing with financial difficulties due to job loss, you would be able to return to work. It also means that you can be home with your family and prepare for your court trial. Remember, it is crucial for you to attend every single court date you receive. It might be an inconvenience while trying to work a job; however, the only alternative is dealing with repeat incarceration.

If you want to receive more information about ASAP Bail Bonds, and how we can assist you, give us a call at (713) 225-2727. Click here to visit our website and receive a free quote! We look forward to working with you and continuing to serve the great State of Texas.

For a Harris County TX Post Bail service, you can trust, call ASAP Bail Bonds.

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