Harris County TX Bondsman Near Me

Were you searching for Harris County TX bondsman near me? ASAP Bail Bonds will give you the best bondsman in Harris County. For years we have been helping hundreds of clients all over the greater Houston area make bail and get out of jail. Our team are the experts with a deep understanding of the bail and bond process. No matter what the charge is or how severe, we use every method in our power to get you or a loved out of jail. A court hearing can take anywhere from thirty days up to six months. Don’t let that time go to waste by sitting in a cell! You are not compensated for the time you spent in jail, even if you are found to be innocent. Call us today at our Harris location at (713)-225-2727.

Additionally, we have three other convenient locations in Conroe, Fort Bend, and Brazoria county. We give you the quote you need.

Harris County TX bondsman near me

Harris County TX bondsman near me

Our Services

It doesn’t matter if your arrest happens at three in the afternoon or three in the morning, we’re here for you. ASAP Bail Bonds will treat you and your loved ones like family. The worst part of an arrest is that it comes out of nowhere when you least expect it. However, there is no need to stress. Our staff will always be ready to attend to you and your needs. Our lightning-fast service will get you out of jail and back home in no time. There are a lot of different types of bonds, and they can get confusing. We specialize in attaining all these bonds for any charge or bail amount. We can help you get the following bonds:

  • Cash Bail Bonds
  • Transfer Bail Bonds
  • Personal Bail Bonds
  • Federal Bail Bonds
  • Surety Bail Bonds

Don’t go with sub-par bond agents in Houston. Not all bond agencies have the experience and success rate that we do. Not only are we well rounded with every type of bond, but we offer competitive prices that you won’t find anywhere else. ASAP Bail Bonds makes filling out all the paperwork easy. We can break down the language of the paperwork and explain what you need to do to get out of jail today.

Harris County TX bondsman near me

We give you the right type of bond you need.

Our Forms

When you call ASAP Bail Bonds to get a loved one out of jail, time is of the essence. Every second you spend in a jail cell is time away from your family, friends, and away from your lawyer. It is challenging to prepare for your case when you can’t be at home. Our website you will find forms that can speed up this process. When you call us, please make sure to provide us with the following information about the person in jail.

  • Full legal name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Name of the jail they are in
  • Whether it is a city jail or county jail
  • Their booking number
  • The amount the bail is set for

All this information is essential to figure out what bond you need and what steps you need to take to get it. Don’t wait until the last minute, call us today at any of our four convenient locations. Looking for Harris County TX bondsman near me has never been easier.

Transfer Bail Bonds

It is not uncommon for a lot of our clients to get into legal trouble out of state. If you or someone you know is in jail in a state outside of Texas, give us a call immediately! Transfer bonds are the equivalent of cash or surety bonds. In other words, you will be released from jail in that state so you can get back home. Transfer bail bonds take longer because they involve an out-of-state jail. As a result, the cost for this type of bond is slightly higher, but they yield the same result: you getting back home as soon as possible. Because of this, there is no time to waste.

Don’t make a mistake many make! Many people get an out of state bondsman, thinking it’s the fastest way to get out of jail. This is a bad mistake. Out-of-state bond agencies are not financially responsible for your bail bond. ASAP Bail Bonds is the best and smartest choice to go with. Although an arrest outside of Texas can be a scary experience, there is no reason to panic when you go with us. When you type “Harris County TX bondsman near me” you expect the best, and that is what we bring to the table.

Harris County TX bondsman near me

We get you out of jail even if you are arrested in a different state.

Federal Bail Bonds

As mentioned before, not all bonds are the same. If you are facing time in a federal jail, then you need to call us to help you out. These bonds are more intricate and require great attention to detail. It’s important to note that you will go to a court hearing to set your bail amount officially. These bail amounts are a lot higher than traditional bail bonds. Federal cases are riskier, which is why collateral also needs to be offered. The collateral must be 150% worth the bail to cover whatever is left of the bail amount.

Furthermore, not all bond agencies are the same. A lot of bond agencies are only experts at handling cash bail bonds or surety bail bonds. ASAP Bail Bonds is different. We are experts in all types of bonds, and we have been getting people out of jail for years.

Harris County TX bondsman near me

There is no reason why getting out of jail needs to be difficult or impossible for anyone. You are innocent until proven guilty. To win your case, you need to work hand in hand with your lawyer, and you can’t do this from a jail cell. That’s why when you call ASAP Bail Bonds, and we make sure to give you our best. Your search for “Harris County TX bondsman near me” ends today, call now for a quote.

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