Harris County Speedy Bail Bonds

Do you need Harris County speedy bail bonds? ASAP Bail Bonds is here for you! We are a bail bond service that serves all of Houston and the surrounding counties. Our company prides itself on offering the fastest bail bond assistance in Texas!

The arrest of a loved one is upsetting. However, that stress added to our complicated legal system, court dates, and concerns over the cost of bail and legal services can overwhelm anyone. That’s why ASAP wants to help you get you or your family member out of jail and home fast.

Other bail bond companies don’t have the resources or the experience to match ASAP’s speed and expertise. Whether you need our assistance in Houston Texas, Richmond, or Sugar Land, ASAP posts bail as soon as possible.

Additionally, our locations in Harris, Brazoria, and Fort Bend County are all open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. An arrest can happen at any time. So we make sure that you can hire a bail bond agent whenever you’re in need, day or night.

We know that our clients need our help quickly. If you need bail bond assistance, give us a call today; you can trust ASAP’s unparalleled experience and expertise to get you the help you need.

ASAP Works Fast

ASAP knows the bail bond business inside and out. We will take you through the bail process. Let us help you make the calls, fill out the paperwork, and get the financial assistance you need to get released from jail.

Don’t sit in jail a minute longer than you have to. Most criminal offenders have the opportunity to post a bail and prepare for their day in court at home. Moreover, no one can see to responsibilities like work, school, and family when they’re sitting in a jail cell.

Those that cannot afford their bail have to wait for their trial behind bars. But that doesn’t have to be the case for you; contact ASAP and get immediate assistance with all of your bail bond needs.

Harris County speedy bail bonds

ASAP serves all of Harris County!

What Happens Following An Arrest?

It’s no secret: our legal system is complicated. Luckily, the process following an arrest is fairly straightforward. When a law enforcement officer arrests an individual, the first thing they do is transport the arrestee to a police station for processing and booking.

Next, the detainee is transported to a jail and waits to appear before a judge. Depending on the level of their alleged offense, what happens next varies. When the arrest occurred for a state-level offense, the accused appears before a judge once. The judge then formally charges the defendant, sets a court date, and sets a bail bond amount.

However, if the arrest occurred for an alleged federal offense, the accused makes an additional appearance before a judge. At this initial hearing the judge decides whether or not to offer bail. Then, the accused makes a second appearance. Here the judge again formally charges the defendant, sets a trial date, and, if applicable, sets a bail bond amount.

The issue of bail is especially important in federal criminal cases as defendants that do not post bail must await trial in federal prison, not the local jail.

Harris County speedy bail bonds

An arrest is stressful. ASAP can help!

What Is A Bail Bond?

Technically speaking, bail is simply a promise to perform an action. In this case, the defendant promises to appear at all designated court appearances and stay in Texas. A bail bond secures the defendant’s promise, usually with an amount of money. If they break their promise, then there are financial consequences.

There are several different types of bail bonds. The first, and the most common, is the cash bond. Cash bonds are an amount of money paid in full prior to a defendants release. When the defendant successfully attends their court dates, the money is returned.

Those that cannot afford to put up the entirety of their bail can turn to a bail bond service like ASAP to fill the gap.

Alternatively, a judge may decide to allow a defendant to leave jail on personal recognizance, in other words their word. PR or personal bonds do not require any money to secure the defendants promise. Instead, the defendant makes a written promise to adhere to the terms of their release.

In addition to cash and personal bonds, some people may require surety bonds. With a surety bonds, a third party takes on financial responsibility for a defendant’s promise to appear in court. If they don’t show, the third party is financially liable.

Harris County speedy bail bonds

Harris County speedy bail bonds

What Services Does ASAP Offer?

ASAP offers many different Harris County speedy bail bonds. We have a service to meet all of your bail bond needs.

Our bond company handles both cash bonds and surety bonds. In addition, ASAP can help qualified defendants obtain a personal bond. Judges grant personal bonds based on factors like criminal records, past court appearances, and ties to the city like work, family, and community involvement. ASAP can show you who to contact and what to say to get a PR release.

Conversely, defendants arrested out of state may require our transfer bond service. Transfer bonds allow defendants to leave jail and return to their home state. Though these take longer to complete than other types of bonds, they are well worth the wait.

Finally, ASAP is fully equipped to handle the complexity and expense of a federal bond. Not all bail bond companies know how to handle federal bonds well. However, ASAP has the experience and know how to help anyone fast, even those charged with a federal crime.

Need Harris County Speedy Bail Bonds? Call ASAP!

ASAP Bail Bonds is ready and waiting to help you. If you need our bail bond services, call our Harris County office at (713) 225-2727, visit our website, or send us an email. Let ASAP help you with you Harris County speedy bail bonds today!

Harris County Fun Facts

  • Harris County is home to four professional sports teams.
  • Buffalo Bayou is 53-miles long.
  • There are over 150 museums in Harris County.
  • Harris County hosts more than 400 events each year.
  • To learn more, visit the Harris County website.