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Harris County payment plan bail bonds

Don’t get stuck in a jail cell. Call us today!

If you or a loved one unexpectedly end up in jail and cannot afford to post bail, contact ASAP Bail Bonds immediately to ask about our Harris County payment plan bail bonds. The faster you contact our office, the sooner we can get you out of jail and back to your home, so we recommend taking action immediately after your bail is set.

We expect that most folks would rather await their court date in the comfort of their own house instead of in a jail cell, which is why ASAP Bail Bonds works quickly and diligently to post bonds for our clients.

Ending up in jail or finding out that a loved one has been incarcerated can be a shocking experience. If you’ve never been to jail before, the situation might seem overwhelming and confusing. Don’t panic – contact us at ASAP Bail Bonds right away so we can look over your case and work towards your release. We understand that all people make mistakes, and we believe everyone should have the right to learn from those mistakes, no matter their charges.

Being away from your family is not only heartbreaking but can be dangerous. If you’re the sole caretaker or working member of your household, you can’t afford to be away from home for an extended period. You deserve to be back with your family so you can resume your regular household duties, take care of your loved ones, and spend time with them. That’s why ASAP Bail Bonds works so hard to bring family members home from jail in a timely manner.

Call us now to learn about our Harris County payment plan bail bonds.

Harris County payment plan bail bonds

Incarceration can be stressful. Let us help speed up your release from jail.

Harris County Payment Plan Bail Bonds

Going to jail and being burdened with an expensive bond can be a sudden, unexpected hit to your finances. Most people who are arrested probably don’t have the money immediately on hand to post bail by themselves. If you’ve been jailed, you probably just want to focus on getting home in a hurry, but you may worry about not having the funds to earn your release.

ASAP Bail Bonds will help you afford bail by offering convenient Harris County payment plan bail bonds. We can work with you or a willing debtor to arrange a monthly payment plan to gradually cover the bond fee necessary to free you from jail. You can use cash for your payment option, but we also accept collateral in the form of real estate, stocks, credit cards, jewelry, savings bonds, cars, and bank accounts.

Please note that there are several conditions in which the entire remaining balance of your bail bond payment will be due, including the following:

  • If the Defendant fails to appear in court for any required dates
  • Forfeiture of the bond
  • If we do not receive any payment within ten days following one of the agreed-upon due dates
  • If any payments are returned because of insufficient funds or are stopped or refused by a financial institution

Please also be aware that we reserve the right to extend the due date or payment time for any of the payments we schedule for you or accept security or partial payments. The signed payment plan contract remains in effect until all payments have been received and cleared. You can view our Promissory Note & Installment Payment Plan Form for more information about our policies regarding payment plans.

Types of Bonds We Handle

Our business works with all types of bail bonds, including cash bail bonds, PR bail bonds, transfer bail bonds, federal bail bonds, and surety bail bonds. Because the most common type of bond is a cash bail bond, some clients may not know the intricacies of other bond types. We’re here to clear up any confusion you may have about your bond options.

For example, if you are offered a PR bail bond, ASAP Bail Bonds will work hard to ensure you are granted it. A PR (personal recognizance) bond relies on a judge’s impression of you and whether they believe you are a minimal flight risk. Those granted this type of bond aren’t required to pay any fees because their written word is their guarantee. We’ll do our best to appeal to your judge in your favor so you can possibly earn this bond.

We want you to understand the situation you’re dealing with and help you figure out how to best handle it. Our 24/7 phone service is available to anyone who has questions about the multiple types of bonds. Give us a call to learn how we operate differently from other bail bond companies. ASAP Bail Bonds treats their clients like family; just like a real family member, we won’t let you get left behind.

Harris County payment plan bail bonds

We offer Harris County payment plan bail bonds to ease your financial burden.

ASAP Bail Bonds Gets You Out Faster

We serve multiple counties, including Harris, Galveston, Brazoria, Wharton, and Fort Bend County, and we have several office locations. Clients who are under Harris County jurisdiction should contact our Harris County office. You can also send us an e-mail to discuss bond options.

We’ve dedicated our work to helping Texans get out of jail quickly so they can get the chance to rest at home before a court date. We want our clients to be able to defend themselves properly at their court date, and such a feat is a lot more difficult when you’re stuck in a jail cell. Your life and place in society shouldn’t be jeopardized by one mistake. Work with ASAP Bail Bonds to get the second chance you deserve.

We’re here to get you out of jail and back home as soon as possible. That’s why our name is ASAP Bail Bonds. Time is a precious commodity that cannot be regained, so don’t waste any more time sitting in a jail cell, and let us return you to your family. Call us today so we can provide Harris County payment plan bail bonds for you.

Fun Facts for Harris County:

  • The county seat for Harris County is the city of Houston.
  • The county is named after John Richardson Harris, a New Yorker born in 1790 who settled in the area.
  • Both the county’s land area and total area are larger than the state of Rhode Island.
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