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Criminal Justice System: Bail, Arrests, Jail

Bail describes the release of a criminal offender after an arrest prior to the end of the criminal case. A bond typically involves the defendant or someone on the defendant’s behalf paying the amount granted to the court. The money guarantees that the defendant returns to court for the remainder of the process. Bail is not a punishment given prior to an individual guilty of any crime. It is a way to ensure that the offender is to return to court without having to be brought into custody.

Bail plays a significant role in the criminal justice system. It also serves the purpose of ensuring there is enough space in jail for more severe cases. Bail also ensures that the defendant will return to court. Individuals on bail can be released at any time during their legal process.

In reality, anytime an individual is arrested, there will be three possible outcomes. These include, the offender being released, the arrestee is charged and released on bail, or the offender is charged and remains in custody.

What is a Non-Arrest Bond?

This is an option if a person has an open warrant for their arrest and a bail bond was posted by the court then a non-arrest bail can be issued. This prevents the person who has the warrant from being arrested and going to jail.

It is important that individuals understand the bureaucracy of this bond. Once this bond is presented after you have handed a non-arrest bail bond you are no longer free to leave until they give you the ok. This process is typically lengthy and involves a lot of waiting. Once you have turned yourself in, you are now in the Sherrif Department’s custody until released.

Many individuals misunderstand these terms and think that just because they are not detained they are free. Therefore, if you walk out before released you may face an additional warrant of arrest being issued for a felony charge of escape.