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Getting Bail for a Felony Crime-Are You Still Eligible?

When someone hears they have been charged with a felony crime, a lot of questions and scenarios go through their mind. Often times things such as prison time, fines, and a permanent record are some of the first things people think about. Something that should be considered is bail. When someone is arrested, bail is an amount of money they must pay to get out of jail. Bail can consist of a personal bond which means no money has to be paid, but someone takes responsibility for a defendant showing up to their court dates. Or bail could consist of a federal bond in which a defendant must pay a high amount of money, such as $1,000 or more, depending on the crime and circumstances.

Those who are charged with a felony crime may or may not get bail, depending on the situation. Factors including the severity of the crime, past criminal record, and flight risk assessments are all considered when granting a defendant bail.

What is a Felony Crime

Felony crimes usually mean that a pretty serious crime has been committed and usually on the federal level. Felony crimes typically include but do not exclude:

Getting Bail for a Felony Crime-Are You Still Eligible?

Felony charges are the most severe. Know your rights and the possible outcomes to them.

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Homicide
  • Kidnapping
  • Sexual Assault

A felony crime almost always means a prison sentence. While there are always exceptions to rules, if a defendant is charged and convicted of a felony, they will go to prison for a long period of time. Sometimes they could go to prison for life and be considered for the death penalty, depending on the severity of the crime and location.

Crimes such as drug charges, theft, and DUIs could be considered felony charges or misdemeanors. However, the defendant’s age, the crime’s severity, and past criminal history (if applicable) are all considered in determining whether the aforementioned crimes are charged as felonies or misdemeanors.

Will a Felony Charge Affect Bail?

A felony will most definitely affect someone’s bail, however, that does not mean the defendant will be denied bail. It simply means that it can determine how much your bail is set as well as the type of bond they need. Because most felonies are categorized as federal crimes, a defendant may need a federal bond. Bonds for felonies could cost as much as $1,500 or more.

Getting Bail for a Felony Crime-Are You Still Eligible?

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While bail can be expensive, this does mean good news for the defendant. This means that a defendant can properly prepare for their case in the comfort of their own home and with the support of their own family. If a defendant gets out on bail, it means they must uphold certain requirements, such as not committing any other crime, including speeding or driving without a license.

If someone is denied bail due to the nature of their crime, there is always a chance for an appeal. It is best for the defendant to get in touch with their lawyer. Once a defendant gets granted bail, they should immediately call a bail bondsman, such as ASAP Bail Bonds. We are available anytime seven days a week, including weekends and holidays. Give yourself or your loved one the best chance to prepare a defense outside of jail. Give us a call at our Harris County location, or submit your form for a free quote.