Get Back to Texas Fast with a Transfer Bail Bond

Summer vacation is rapidly approaching, and the itch to venture out of state is here. As Texan residents, we all are familiar with the sweltering heat that is to come and may desire to spend the summer in a much cooler area. There’s so much involved in the planning of a vacation. You have to look for places to stay, pack the necessary items, purchase the necessary tickets, and more.

While focusing on the positive is essential, you should also ensure you’re prepared for hard times. A major inconvenience that can occur while you are out of state is an arrest. If you are unaware of the resources available, you will feel at a loss and experience tremendous amounts of stress. ASAP Bail Bonds wants you to know that we have your back!

Get Back to Texas Fast with a Transfer Bail Bond

If you’re arrested out of state, don’t worry. ASAP Bail Bonds has your back.

Perhaps you or your traveling buddy will have a little too much fun resulting in apprehension by that state’s local police. Should such things occur, having the contact information of a great Texan bail bond company on deck is crucial. The moment you or a loved one is arrested out of state, take action and contact us immediately. We are available 24/7!

Get Back to Texas Fast with a Transfer Bail Bond

When Houstonians are arrested outside of Texas, they will need a transfer bail bond to get released back home. ASAP Bail Bonds is the fastest bail bond agency in Texas and is here to help residents of Harris County as well as those in Galveston, Brazoria, Wharton, and Fort Bend Counties. We are well-versed in several types of bail bond processes and can definitely help you if you are incarcerated out of state.

Forgoing paying bail and staying in jail until your trial can be pretty stressful. This is because when you’re in jail, you can stay on top of outside responsibilities, and preparing for your court date in a cell is challenging. Things become even more complicated when you’re incarcerated out of state, surrounded by unfamiliar faces. ASAP Bail Bonds wants to help you avoid that!

The Transfer Bail Bond Process

Before you call our agency for transfer bail bond services, you must gather all the necessary information about the detained individual in need of assistance. Our agency needs to know the person’s full name and booking number. We also need to know the bail amount that has been assigned and the location of the individual. The location must include the city, state, and facility they are being held.

Get Back to Texas Fast with a Transfer Bail Bond

Call our agency for help.

Once our agents have the correct information, they can get to work on getting the detained individual released. We will obtain the bond here in Texas and then get in touch with all the proper officials in the state they’re in. After some time, we will be able to post the bail, and the defendant can come home to await their upcoming trial from the comfort of their home.

This process takes longer than the average bail bond, such as a cash bail bond, so patience is required. However, with ASAP Bail Bonds, although the process is longer than most, you will still receive the speediest bail bond service. Ensure you have us in your back pocket whenever you venture beyond state lines.