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When you are unable to pay your or your loved one’s bail, then consider getting Galveston, TX bail bonds near me. Jail is a dismal place, and you can be stuck in there for weeks or even months before your trial. Securing a bail bond from a reputable bail bond agent will ensure that you and your loved one can face the upcoming trial in top shape.

Galveston, TX bail bonds near me

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Bail bond agencies such as ASAP Bail Bonds are businesses that help people post bail. Bail is money or property that a court requires from a defendant in order to secure their release from jail pending trial. The bail bond agency puts up the bail money for the defendant and charges a fee, usually 10% of the bail amount.

The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can get the accused out of jail, so be sure to call us today! You can also reach ASAP Bail Bonds through email or through our online forms. Our bail bond agents are licensed to post bail bonds in multiple counties across the Greater Houston area, including Galveston County, so let us handle the complicated intricacies of the American court system for you.

How Galveston, TX Bail Bonds Near Me Work

If you are arrested and taken to jail, you will be given the opportunity to post bail. Bail is the money that you pay to the court in order to have your temporary release from jail while you await your trial. The amount of bail is set by the judge and is based on the severity of the crime that you have been charged with, your criminal history, and your ties to the community.

“Ties to the community” could refer to family in the area, full-time employment, or membership in volunteer or religious organizations – ties the arrestee is unlikely to abandon. If you have such ties to the community, then you could be considered as having low flight risk. Arrestees who have low flight risk might be granted a personal recognizance bail, meaning that they are free to leave jail and do not have to pay any bail money.

However, if you do have to pay bail and the judge has set an amount you cannot afford to post bail, you can contact a bail bond company. The bail bond company will post a surety bail bond on your behalf in exchange for a fee. The fee is typically 10% of the total bail amount. The bail bond agency might also require collateral, which is something of value that can be used to cover the bail amount if you fail to appear for your court date.

Once everything is agreed upon and the paperwork is all signed, then the bail bond agent will get to work on getting the accused out of jail. They will usually meet up with you at the jail to post bail and oversee the release of the accused. They will make sure that you are reunited with your loved one.

The Galveston, TX bail bonds near me process will be over when the accused person shows up at their court date. Whether the sentence is guilty or not, the bail bond company will have their money back afterward, and your side of the contract is complete.

Galveston, TX bail bonds near me

After you sign the papers, it will only be a matter of time before you are reunited with your loved ones.

Advantages of Hiring a Bail Bond Agent

Even if you do have the ability to post bail on your own, you should still hire a bail bond agent to do it for you. A bail bond agent can help you navigate the complex legal system and negotiate with prosecutors. Plus, since these agents are also typically available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so they can be there for you when you need them most.

There’s the financial side of things, too. If you post bail on your own, you will have to give up thousands of dollars to the court. You won’t get that money back until after the court trial, so you must be careful with your spending.

If you don’t manage your finances correctly, you might not have enough money to pay off that month’s rent or mortgage! Conversely, when you hire a bail bondsman to handle your bail posting, you will have to pay a much smaller fee.

Additionally, bail bond agencies have ways of forcing the accused to show up to their court dates. If you decide to pay for your loved one’s release by yourself and they don’t show up to court, then you will have to take precious time and effort out of your day to track them down. However, if you allow a bail bond agent to deal with them, they can enlist a bounty hunter’s aid.

Bounty hunters are people who are hired to bring in fugitives in exchange for a monetary reward. They typically have a background in law enforcement or the military and use their skills to track down people who are on the run from the law. Bounty hunting is a dangerous job, and bounty hunters often put themselves in harm’s way in order to apprehend their targets.

Working with a bounty hunter, the bail bond agency will ensure that your loved one shows up to court. This way, your loved one won’t be in any danger, and the bail bond agency can get their money back.

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Galveston, TX bail bonds near me

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Galveston, TX Fun Facts:

  • The first Texas opera house was built in Galveston.
  • Prior to the 1900 hurricane, Galveston was the second-richest city in the whole USA.
  • Galveston got its name from Spanish military leader Bernardo de Gálvez y Madrid.