Friendswood TX Cash Bond

Have you found yourself trying to post a Friendswood TX cash bond to get out of jail but can’t? Perhaps you’re wondering what it means when the court stated they’d only take cash bonds. Are you wondering if you can post on behalf of a family member or friend? Or perhaps you don’t have the amount readily available.

Friendswood TX Cash Bond

ASAP bail bondsmen are here to help with the bonding process.

No one particularly enjoys spending time in jail. That’s why bail and bail bondmen exist. So long as you pay the stated amount, you can leave prison sooner than later. And bond companies offer bail bond services so that you can get out of jail for an affordable amount.

However, they’re not omnipotent, and there are situations where they can’t support you as much as they want.

If the court issues a cash bond or cash-only bond, bail bondmen will be hard-pressed to assist you. You have the pay the entire bail amount in cash. This bail bond differs from the usual bond that bondmen offer, where they can handle the total bail amount after you pay a small commission fee.

Friendswood TX Cash Bond

There are a few reasons why a court dictates a cash-only bail. Often enough, it’s to ensure you show up to your scheduled court appearances.
Courts issue a cash bond if a judge considers you a moderate flight risk. This decision can stem from your previous dealings with the court. They’re more likely to issue one if you failed to pay a fine in a prior case or failed to appear at a court appearance. By asking only for a cash bond, they can better ensure that you’ll show up in court if someone does pay to bail you out.

Anyone can post a cash bond, whether the defendant, a family member or a third party like a bondsman. Bondsmen will charge a premium, a service fee for posting the defendant’s bail. You won’t get the compensation back, and often, the cost is a small portion of the bail amount itself. However, they’ll get you or a loved one out of jail fast for a better price than paying the bond yourself.

Whoever does pay the cash bond is responsible for assuring the defendant shows up to court, but they won’t be penalized if the defendant fails to show. At most, the court may forfeit the cash bond, and the chance of obtaining a refund becomes nil.

Most courts will only accept cash, although they may give you the option to pay with a debit or credit card. They’ll deny checks, cashier checks, or other forms of payment. They’ll release you once someone pays the total amount upfront.

The Cash Bond Process

The way a Friendswood TX cash bond works is similar to most other counties. When you post a bond, you’ll receive a bond receipt. The default is to write the name of whoever is paying on the receipt, so if you have a third party paying with your money, make sure the correct name is on it. If available, they’ll issue the refund to whoever’s name is on the receipt.

Friendswood TX Cash Bond

Let our bondsmen post your Friendswood TX Cash Bond.

You can post a bond during the court’s working hours. If it’s after hours, you can pay at the jail. You must pay the bail down to the exact change because most courts and prisons won’t make change.

If you pay at the jail, make sure the defendant attends court with the bond receipt. It takes a few weeks for the court to receive it from the prison. There have been cases where the court didn’t receive the cash bond in time, and they tried to arrest the defendant since there’s no proof that they paid bail.

What Happens After Posting the Bail Bond

Once they release you, you’ll need to comply with bail conditions and appear at all scheduled proceedings. Failure to adhere to the requirements or appear in court can result in bond forfeiture, and they may issue an arrest warrant. If a judge orders for the denial of the bond, it becomes the corresponding jurisdiction’s property, and the chance of a refund becomes nil.

However, if you do comply with all the fine print, you may be able to exonerate the cash-only bond. The court will hold the cash in a trust account until the case is over. If you’re acquitted, they’ll exonerate the bond and issue a refund. They’ll still exonerate the bond if you’re convicted, but the court may keep a portion of the money.

If the bond was exonerated, it’ll take two to six weeks for the refund to process and arrive. If you asked for a bondman to post it in your place, they’d usually mail it back to you within a few days of receiving the receipt from the court.

On the other hand, if you fail to comply with the terms and conditions, you may not get the total amount of the refund. Often, courts will use the bail posted to pay fines and fees. If you or your family posted the bond, read the terms carefully before signing. In the case where you’re required to sign your cash over to the defendant, you probably won’t be seeing a refund.

However, if a bondman posted the bond, there’s a higher chance they’ll get a refund. The court is less likely to convert bonds posted by a professional to pay fines.

Posting a Cash Bond

Friendswood TX Cash Bond

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Sometimes you’re facing a few nights in jail, which isn’t the most exciting predicament to be in, and the court dictates they’ll only be accepting a cash-only bond for your bail. However, the amount they state may be out of your or your family’s range.

That’s why third parties like bondmen can assist. With an efficient expert at the helm, you or your family member can leave jail swiftly. They can either post the bond in your name or shoulder the whole amount themselves for an appropriate premium.

If you’re unsure of the process, the best solution is to ask an expert to support you. They can help you through the hassle for an affordable sum. Contact a bondsman from ASAP Bail Bonds now to assist you in posting a Friendswood TX cash bond to get out of jail sooner.

Friendswood, TX Fun Facts:

  • Friendswood is situated between two different counties: Harris and Galveston county.
  • It is the only permanent town in Texas that started as a Quaker colony.
  • It was officially incorporated in 1960.
  • For more information, visit Friendswood’s official site.
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