Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

Are you searching for Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds? If so, consider contacting the professional bail bondsmen at ASAP Bail Bonds! We are standing by to help you or your loved one find the right bail bond to fit their current situation.

ASAP Bail Bonds has been serving the Greater Houston area for many years. In that time, we have earned a reputation for honest and trustworthy service. Furthermore, our clients highly recommend us because of our reliable and efficient bail bond services. 

Although we are based in the Houston area, we are able to serve any Texas resident. This is because of state law allowances. When you call our agents, you can expect to receive knowledgeable and practical advice about which bail bond is ideal for your situation. In addition, our agents can offer unique insights into how the bail bond system works. It’s a clear choice when you need Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds. 

Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

Contact ASAP Bail Bonds when you need Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds.

Break Through the Confusion of the Bail Bond System

If you find yourself unexpectedly under arrest, it is normal to feel nervous about the future. Not only will you face jail time, but you also have to consider the loss of wages from your job, the impact on your family, and a multitude of other factors. With this and a trial on your mind, things can begin to seem like a muddle of chaos and confusion.

You can break through the confusion of the bail bond system by giving ASAP Bail Bonds a call today! Our bond agents will be with you every step of the way, for as long as you retain a bond from us. We will help you understand how the bail bond system works and how negative actions between your arrest and trial could impact your ability to retain the bond.

For instance, you will find that a judge can place restrictions on your activities between now and the trial if you choose to receive a bond. One of the most important things to remember is that violating a judge’s order could cause you to forfeit your bond, leading to rearrest and subsequent jail time.

Therefore, it is imperative to your future to follow every aspect of a judge’s orders. They might ask you to submit to a drug test every week or remain so many feet from businesses that sell alcohol. Either way, following these restrictions will prove to the court that you are willing to obey the rule of law.

Types of Bail Bonds

There are many different types of bail bonds available to offenders. Which one you choose will depend on your current situation. Other factors like how big of a risk you pose to yourself and the public can also make a difference.  


If you find yourself in trouble outside of Texas, you can rely on ASAP Bail Bonds with our transfer bond services!

A personal bond is typically granted by the judge presiding over an offender’s case. If they see that you are a low flight risk and present a low risk to the public, they might choose to release you on a personal bond. This essentially means you are released from prison on your own recognizance. 

It is imperative that you follow all restrictions put in place by the judge regarding this bond. Before you are released, you will have to sign a document stating that all rules and regulations will be respected. Additionally, it might state that to violate any orders is to forfeit your bond. 


A cash bond is the easiest and quickest type of Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds to receive. Payments for this bond can be made with cash or a debit or credit card. Keep in mind, however, that some financial institutions and credit card companies have a limit on how much you can spend in a single transaction or a single day. If your bond exceeds this amount, then you will have to come up with another solution.

 Our dedication to our clients is what sets us apart from other bail bond companies. We take the time to commit to your release and help you understand how to navigate the bail bond system.


Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

If you find yourself in trouble outside of Texas, you can rely on ASAP Bail Bonds with our transfer bond services!

A transfer bond is slightly different from other bonds because it is issued for state residents that have been arrested outside of the state. For instance, If you are a Texas resident and are arrested in Oklahoma, that state is not legally obligated to provide you with a bond.

You would have to request a bond from an agency located within Texas, your resident state. 

Your state of residence is required to supply a bond if you qualify for it. A transfer bond is one that will be transferred from your home state to the arresting state.

ASAP Bail Bonds has significant experience working across state boundaries to help clients get out of jail fast. Our proven track record with transfer bonds makes us the ideal agency to handle your case.


Federal bonds are the hardest type to receive, and they take the longest. This is because federal offenses are typical of a more severe nature. Additionally, many federal offenders pose a greater risk to the public and themselves when released on bond. 

As a result, bond agents will almost always require 150% collateral in addition to regular bond payments. When you request a federal bail bond, be prepared for it to take some time to go through the system. Hundreds upon hundreds of rules and regulations govern the use and granting of federal bail bonds.

Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

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Friendswood TX 24 Hour Bail Bonds

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Friendswood, TX Fun Facts:

  • In 1895, Friendswood was founded by Quakers.
  • There are 266 acres of green space and parks in Friendswood.
  • Friendswood sees over ten thousand guests to its annual events.
  • There are three creeks that run through Friendswood.
  • For more information about Friendswood, TX, visit the city’s website!