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Fort Bend PR Bonds

If you have suddenly found yourself in jail, it might be time to search for a bail bond agent that can help you get a PR bond. These bonds are received upon recommendation from the judge and court system.

Fort Bend PR Bonds

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What is a PR Bond?

A PR, or personal recognizance, bond is one that is granted by the courts or judge when you are determined to be a low flight risk. Additionally, you have a greater chance of receiving this bond if you present no risk to the public.

Most bonds require that you pay a certain amount of money ahead of receiving the bond. Personal recognizance bonds are different in that they require no money upfront. However, some courts will require an administrative fee and a certain percentage of the bond amount. This way, if the offender jumps bail and does not appear in court, they will be responsible for the entire amount of the bond.

How do you qualify for a PR Bond?

First and foremost, you have to be a good candidate for a personal recognizance bond. Generally, if you offer your personal and contact information to officials at your pretrial hearing, they will be able to see if you are eligible for this bond.

Most offenders who receive a PR bond have little to no previous criminal history and do not have the means to flee. Additionally, a judge has the responsibility to determine whether this offender presents a risk to the public.

Fort Bend PR Bonds

Fort Bend PR Bonds

How long does it take to receive a PR Bond?

A pretrial judge has the ability to deny you a PR bond. However, your attorney also has the right to petition for it on your behalf. As a result, the length of time it takes to receive this bond depends on the trial itself. Most bonds will be granted and processed within one to two days.

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