Fort Bend County TX Bondsman Near Me

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Fort Bend County TX Bondsman Near Me

Fort Bend County TX Bondsman Near Me

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What you need to know

Bail is the security given by the accused stating that he/she will appear before the proper court and answer to the accusations brought against them. A bond is a written agreement, usually executed by the defendant or one or more sureties. This agreement states that the defendant will appear in a designated or proceeding when his-her attendance is required. In the event that they fail to complete their end of the agreement, the signer of the bond must pay the amount specified in the order.

A bail bond is an agreement between the individual and his sureties that guarantee the appearance of the said individual before the court or the magistrate. Upon the execution of the bail bond, the individual and his/her sureties shall deposit funds to the proper recipient in the amount of the bond.

In the state of Texas, a bail bond is the money required by a court for a criminal defendant to be released after an arrest. When the bail is posted, the defendant can then be released from custody pending trial. However, if it is not posted, the defendant will remain in custody until the time comes for trial.

How much you need to pay

The amount of money that has to be paid depends on the offense being charged and which court is actually hearing the case. Additionally, there are other factors that can influence the amount. Defendants could even be released on personal recognizance. PR release gives defendants the ability to wait for trial at home without posting bail.

If you are unable to pay your bail, you can hire a bail bondsman for assistance. Moreover, when you post a bond, you follow the conditions of the release. If you abide by the conditions, you’ll get your money back. However, if you miss a required court appearance, your bond may be forfeited, with the money going to the court. Some factors that will raise or lower the amount of your bail include:

  • The crime’s severity
  • If you have any prior convictions
  • If you have any restraining orders
  • Whether you were on probation when arrested
  • Whether you are a flight risk, or
  • If you are a risk to anyone’s safety

Courts are able to deny bails in certain cases. These cases are often times very severe charges, such as capital felonies like murder. You can post bail in three different ways:

Get your loved one out of jail fast

Get your loved one out of jail fast

  • Cash bail: with cash bail, you’ll provide the court with the full amount in cash or check
  • Bail bond: you can hire a bail bondsman to post bail on your behalf, for a fee
  • Property bond: the court puts a lien on your property, often a house

How do they work?

Bail bonds are the most common way of posting bail, in particular for severe charges. The more severe the charge, the higher the bail requirements. When you are unable to post bail, you are able to call a bail bond company. This company will pot bail on your behalf.

While the company pays or your bail, you’ll have to pay the company a bail premium. This premium is usually between 10 and 20 percent of the full amount.

If you make all of the set court dates, the company you hired will get the money they put in back. However, you will not get the premium back.

Now, if you fail to make a court date, the bail bond company will lose all the money they contributed. You will have to pay for the company’s loss. Moreover, companies are able to take legal action against you to get their money back.

Can bail be reduced?

Yes, the amount of the bail can be reduced during a bail hearing. Additionally, the bail amount can also be reduced if the case gets delayed. You can request a bail hearing. All you have to do is file a motion for a bond reduction or a writ of habeas corpus. These motions outline why bail should be lowered.

Save time by processing paperwork electronically.

Save time by processing paperwork electronically.

During the hearing, you will be allowed to present any evidence that supports the need to reduce bail. On the other hand, the prosecution will state their case for why the bail should stay the same. Bail can also be reduced if the defendant has already spent enough time waiting for trial in jail.

Fort Bend County TX Bondsman Near Me

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Fort Bend Fun Facts

  • Fort Bend County covers a total of 875.0 square miles
  • The county was created in 1837
  • Home to 11 square miles of surface water in rivers, creeks, and small lakes
  • Learn more about Fort Bend here
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